Episode-321- Personal Energy Independence and Gun Rights — 24 Comments

  1. Jack good show.For some reason the show today reminded me of the tv show The Dukes Of Hazzard.Remember how funny that was we laughed at boss hogg for all the scams he pulled on people i once said that will never happen.Well fast foward 30 years and look at all the taxes permits etc we now haft to have all the people loosing there cars homes jobs everything.Good people keeping up the good fight and all the bosses trying to take it all away from us hmm makes me think.

  2. I liked the podcast.. very creative.
    But we need to address the costs which the government is going to grab for mandatory health insurance. And if you don’t buy it they will come and get you.. gun or no gun.. you will either pay for it or go to jail and thus goes the end of your dreams.

  3. For those of us with trucks and other vehicles that require deep cycle batteries why not build your backup battery system using the same type as your vehicle so that if you need a battery in your truck you have a charged one ready to go at all times.

  4. Golf Cart Batteries 6 volt are really heavy duty. You might be able to some and rejuvinate some. A guy on the internet made an electric truck using rejuvinated old batteries..
    the problem is batteries lose so much energy
    a week. So keeping them charged on the hope that you might need them will cost you.
    A generator can wait with very little loss of fuel through evaporation. Remember those batteries that you poored the electorlye in
    and they were charged.
    Maybe the idea is to charge and drain and store in glass containers.

  5. Great show. Jack, can you recommend a good book that provides an overview of setting up your own PV system with backup batteries, inverter, etc.? I have found a number of articles online, like you noted in your show, but would like a concise resource. Thanks for any recommendations.

  6. Jack, Listened to this show a day late – so just now responding. Okay your words motivated my DH to get the solar going. He’s been planning and studying how-to’s long enough. It was a great reminder and much better coming from you than me (as you say it’s that “a prophet has no honor in his hometown” thing). Loved the Marlin story – very well presented and oh so true!!! Also was awesome to hear the email of how TSP has helped a family become more survival minded – great encouragement for all of us. Keep up the great podcasts – I get cranky if I miss too many in a row. Blessings,TBM

  7. Jack you got it, get off the government systems and create your own, we don\’t need government, they make life harder, we can have private companies to build the roads and deliver the mail, etc. Government just a way to get your EARNED money

  8. Good show, thanks. Sounded a little nervous reading the article — don’t worry, we’re behind you 100%.

  9. Hey Jack, thanks for bringing our attention the issue of cap and trade. I was under the illusion that it was a good thing for us and the environment. In fact i was dismayed to hear you oppose this regulation in the way you did. you expressed a lot anger and strong emotions towards it but from your podcast i didn’t get a good idea of why it was really bad for us until i saw this explanation: by the well respected “The Story of Stuff” series. and now i understand where were coming from. I agree that this is a very dangerous policy that could not only hurt our pocket books but also the environment. Thanks.

  10. Dax, Jack has a history of getting things having to do with science wrong. I would be careful to research both sides of the story.

  11. @David,

    You my friend are FULL OF SHIT. The nice thing about what I do is that everything in on record. If I have “a history of getting things having to do with science wrong”, then please do point them out. Just point to the episode and give a time stamp and then show proof I was wrong.

    Unlike ass clowns such as yourself I am 100% on record and what I have said in the past is verifiable. So either put up or go on like a typical ass clown and make nebulous claims with no substance.

    Also Dax did not take my word for any of this, Dax disagreed, did independent research and came to the same conclusion in the end. Don’t we call that “independent third party validation”. Something that climate control freaks are seriously lacking.

  12. First of all, friends don’t swear at each other. We’re clearly not friends, so let’s drop the act while staying civil. I’m sorry if my claim seemed nebulous. Let’s get some examples going.

    I left a comment on episode 308 with time stamps and links that was apparently not approved. Or perhaps it was a technical glitch. You and Kyle both made several incorrect statements about medical science that took me a long time to document and rebut. If need be, I can redo the comment post, but it would have to wait until I\’m less busy with medical school stuff (something \"Dr.\" Kyle wouldn\’t know about).

    In response to episode 211 in which you advocated that people avoid the chickenpox vaccine, I sent you an email detailing the health risks of doing that. You replied saying that my rebuttal was well thought out and that you could mention it the next time you talked about vaccination. Rather than doing that, in episode 308 you allowed Kyle to spout off untruths about vaccines not being necessary as long as you can \"boost your immune system\" naturally.

    On James Steven\’s show, you said several incorrect things about the swine flu vaccine. I sent you an email about it explaining where you were wrong.

    In response to episode 277 in which you said that it\’s not possible that H1N1 could have naturally occurred because it has elements of flus from different species, I sent you an email detailing how this is in fact possible. I also included images from one of my microbiology textbooks that explains it all.

    I\’m completely willing to put these emails out in the public domain. I don\’t understand why you\’re being so defensive about this. If I was out in the public eye and accidentally said something wrong about diesel engines, internet marketing, gardening, or any of the other areas in which you have expertise, I would welcome your criticism. You have on several occasions accidentally said things about medicine, one of my areas of expertise, that are patently false. I hope that I have shown in my previous and current communications with you that I\’m not trying to attack you, so you don\’t need to act like you\’re under siege.

    Dax said that he did research by looking at ONE website, and I merely encouraged him to look at more materials from different perspectives and see where the truth lies.

  13. @David everything you say is based on your opinion, you haven’t brought any provable facts to the table. It is clear you worship at the alter of modern medicine, I for one like many here do not. Vaccines are not “necessary” specifically the flu vaccine for the majority of Americans which Kyle was talking about not all vaccines. Had the subject of chicken pox vaccines come up I may very well have presented your view, however, we never discussed that, only the flu.

    On Chicken Pox your OPINION has some good points but it is still your OPINION, I and about a hundred million others in the US have had Chicken Pox with no ill effects. Some do get shingles and some people die due to vaccine side effects as well. It is up to individuals to make their own choices.

    I really do not care that you have opinions based on your employment, people in the medical industry are trained by the same industry. An industry run by pharmaceutical companies who make trillions of dollars and spend billions to defend their empires. I trust companies like Merk, Johnson and Johnson and Pfizer about as much as the typical politician. Apparently you don’t have the same skepticism of them I do, again this is a difference of opinion not fact.

    I do not follow the foil hats of the world that say nonsense like “vaccines are designed to reduce the population”, however I also have a massive amount of skepticism in regard to what main stream medicine tells us. So you choose to believe what you want to about the swine flu vaccine but don’t try to infer that your opinion is any more valid then mine just because you say so.

    I also don’t believe the current “novelty strain” of H1N1 is a completely natural occurrence, nor do I believe it is a bio weapon designed to exterminate us all. In short, in most things as I said today there are two extremes. One extreme believes that everything counter to the main stream is true, these are the foil hats. The other extreme believes that we are told the truth by government, corporations and establishment about everything. The official explanation is accepted with out question. It is clear that is your stance the problem is people like you think that general consensus and fact are the same thing.

    In short you are entitled to your opinion but thus far in my interactions with you I have not seen anything from you that proves you are right, just that you know why you think you are right. That indeed puts you ahead of many who don’t know why they believe what they believe. However, your opinions are still just that, opinions.

    Lastly on Cap and Trade, which is the subject you interjected yourself into I absolutely dare you to prove my description of it wrong. The way I explained it is exactly how it works. I also must assume you believe in the nonsense of man made global warming, if so every bit of oxygen I used to post all of this is for not.

  14. I fear that someone like China would love to contaminate our vaccine supply with a mad cow component and puff 2 to 5 years we would all be dead.. Why because the government would force you at gun point and inject you. The Gulf War Sydrome was no mental post traumatic syndrome. THe gov
    messed up at least 300,000 people.. ruined thier lives. Maybe mandatory health insurance is to help to pay for them, the kids the vaccines messed up.
    etc. Now the vaccine companies have no liability.
    none. they can mess you up.. kill you andyhou
    can not sue… nice. very nice.
    they can force you eventually to take the shot,
    a shot forced on you because of hysteria.
    I almost know how those poor devils felt at jonestown in South America…at the hands of Jim Jones..

  15. Jack, let me first say that i have been listening to your podcasts for about a month and really appreciate and enjoy the topics you discuss. you seem like a very bright and knowledgeable person on so many topics. not only that but you go deep into topics and logically and rationally explain your standpoint. However i have not heard you tackle the topic of global warming, environment, and ecology in this fashion. I would like to hear WHY you believe global warming is not caused by human activity, what is your stance on protecting our air/water/environment from pollutants and peak-oil (peak-natural resources) in your typical logical/rational fashion w/o name calling. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  16. @Dax

    Episode 326 from Monday

    In short we are totally destroying our environment in many ways mostly rooted in GMOs, deforestation, soil depletion and over use of fossil aquifers. However, none of this has a damn thing to do with climate change or CO2. The powers have convinced the masses that your tail pipe is going to kill the polar bears to enrich themselves but they don’t give a damn about the planet, only making money. Thinks like cap and trade only serve to fill government coffers and create new ways for people like Gore to make money, they do nothing to fix our problems.

    My stance is if we gave a shit about the environment as the assclowns in government claim we would worry about dumping toxins like mercury, lithium, etc (you know in those eco friendly light bulbs and batteries), protection of forests, replanting of forests, funding sustainable agriculture, making GMO food illegal, getting rid of chemical pesticides, etc. You know that hard things that are actually harming the planet, salting once fertile land turning it fallow and would be hard to do and not make big profits for government and their fascist partners in major corporations.

    You know I am just a typical big government right wing republican shill as some claim, my answer is the usual ;>)

    As for why I don’t believe in man made global warming, that’s all about the honest science that is currently being suppressed. Also have you been paying attention over the past few days Dax? Haven’t you heard about “climategate”?

    You want real science about the fallacy of Global Warming due to CO2?

    Read the two PDFs on that site with an open mind, then make up your own mind. I pull no punches when I tell you what I think, but I never tell anyone else how they should think.

  17. I also realize at this point I was a bit harsh with David because this episide blended in my head with Mondays from this week. After so many episodes it happens.

    That said David didn’t help himself with such a brief and sniper type comment. He should realize that more than one “David” might just comment on here and he doesn’t get credit for his past contributions or understood based on them by commenting in this fashion, simply because he was not recognized at first.

  18. All I hear are ads saying bring your old rechargeable batteries to the stores to recycle them.
    They should be forced to take all batteries..
    that are used to power the devices they sell at the stores. they are getting a free ride.
    reg AAA, AA C B etc. cells don’t help the environment when they end up in land fill either.

  19. Jack,

    It’s true that we both have differing opinions on several issues. However, my opinions are supported by facts while yours are (as of yet) supported by anecdote and conspiracy theory. Let’s take the chicken pox vaccine. I’m of the opinion that it’s in childrens’ best interest to get it. Let’s look at the facts supported by science that support my opinion:
    1) Chicken pox can have very harmful side effects later in life in terms of shingles and post-herpetic neuralgia. Both of these illnesses are terrible. This has been established before so I won’t go into it too deeply.

    2) Chicken pox creates open sores all over the body, which opens the door for infection of other microbes. Kids that get chicken pox are more likely to get a secondary group A strep infection and strep pneumoniae. About 1 kid in 200 kids gets a serious complication from chicken pox that requires hospitalization. A smaller subset of these end up in the ICU. An even smaller subset die. Applying the complication rate to the 2000 census numbers, we can estimate that if everyone followed your advice not to get the chicken pox vaccine, it would lead to the hospitalization of about 301,000 children age 0-14.

    You have come to the different conclusion that vaccinating children against chicken pox is a bad idea. What facts support your opinion?

    Can you prove that I’m a shill for big pharma, or are you assuming that because I disagree with you? How many doctors have you asked about this? In the hospital that I rotate in, we have a special program designed to educate women about the fact that breastmilk is the best thing for their baby, and that no baby should ever need to drink forumla. This goes against the lobbying of the multibillion dollar formula industry. Huh, it almost seems like we’re disregarding the money and doing what’s best for the patient. I have many more examples of the medical establishment promoting wellness and holistic care rather than going straight to drug therapy. Furthermore, how much skepticism do you apply to the products from western botanicals? Several traditional herbal remedies have been shown to be no more effective than placebo. That’s not to say that herbal medicine is useless (just look at asprin, quinine, and the -cillin antibiotics), but these things warrant investigation that either hasn’t been done or has been done and gave negative results.

    It’s certainly possible that the swine flu is of man-made origin. However, you said that it is IMPOSSIBLE that it could have happened naturally, which is provably false. It’s quite possible and has happened dozens of times. Once again, this has been addressed already so there’s no need to write a treatise on it.

    Your aspersion that I believe everything the government and corporations tell me is a straw man and you know it, just as much as it would be a straw man for me to accuse you of being a FEMA death camp fearing conspiracy theorist. Whenever I think that the scientific establishment is right, it makes me an uncritical shill? The awesome thing about science is that it eliminates personal bias. I believe in what the science tells us because corporations, alex jones, the government, and even you and me are all prone to self-deception. The scientific method, however, is uncaring toward our personal opinions.

    Let’s stick to the ideas, and not the people. You’re resorting to petty ad hominems and I don’t appreciate it. I’ve been respectful of you and have gotten nothing but derision and accusations about my character in response. You have on a few occasions said and done things that someone of lesser character could use to make fun of your lack of education. However, I haven’t brought those up because I’m still suffering from the apparant delusion that we can be adults about this. It’s my fault that you were harsh with me? What? Apparantly, I failed in my responsibility to write a book on the different ways you’ve been wrong on science in the past. It’s the comments section of a podcast, not my doctoral thesis, and I couldn’t be sure that anyone (much less Dax) would ever read it. Now that we’re actually in a discussion, I’m happy to back up my claims. Maybe you failed in your responsibility to refrain from being angry and defensive in a setting that is supposed to be for civil discussion. I shouldn’t have to be recognized to be treated civilly, everyone should be treated that way. If I had failed to substantiate my claims, then of course you would be in the right to flame me as a petty troll. But your behavior assumed that any claim that you’re wrong must be based in groundless hater-ism rather than valid criticism. And that’s not my fault, it’s yours.

  20. @David you clearly have more time to spare then I do so I will conclude with the following.

    1. Chicken Pox – Your efforts are wasted here, I already stated you had great points about the Pox vaccine. The issue Kyle and I discussed was flu.

    2. Facts – Facts are not facts because someone says so. A doctor believing something doesn’t make it fact. ONLY LONG TERM testing proves a fact. My issue with the current new flu vaccines is LONG TERM testing, which can’t have been done, because we have not had a LONG TERM yet to test them in.

    3. Believe in Big Pharm – Everything you provide comes from them, what else am I to assume about your views.

    4. Haterism – What ever, grow up. I think you make some good points, I also think on many things your full of shit and blinded by the status quo, if you can take being told that fine, if you can’t, don’t play in the pool here.

    Again you just wasted 90% of your time, I am not debating you about Chicken Pox, I agree with your assessment, and I STILL think parents should have a choice and I still think the danger is over stated. Yet you make a reasonable point as to them, one that a parent should consider before making their choice.

    I am also not anti vaccine, MMR, etc, I have no problems with. Because with those I believe the risk of illness out weighs the risk of the vaccine. On flu I think for healthy people the opposite is the case, on chicken pox, I am not sure yet.

    I also don’t think I EVER mentioned chicken pox vaccine other then that one time and I know for a fact I never said to not get the pox vaccine, I simply said may be we should ask the question about how good an idea it really is.

    I am done with chicken pox now but again you stuck your nose in this place and it was about global warming and cap and trade. I won’t bother discussing anything else going forward in this comment thread, because that is the topic.

    So screw pox, screw vaccines you shoved your nose into this thread for this episode, prove me wrong about cap and trade, prove me wrong about CO2 saturation limits or go point on my flaws with vaccines in an episode about them.

  21. Fine, we won’t do chicken pox anymore. You asked for an instance in which you were wrong about science and you got one. There are several more examples, but let’s stick to climate change.

    It’s a simple syllogism:
    A) The greenhouse effect is real. It’s a scalable model — it works when a tiny plant is covered by a layer of plexiglass, and it works when the earth’s crust is covered by a layer of atmosphere. As someone who has owned a greenhouse in the past, I’ll be very shocked if you don’t agree with this one.
    B) Certain gases, including carbon dioxide, contribute to the greenhouse effect of the earth. We know this because greenhouse gases contribute to the greenhouse effect in smaller models. Therefore:
    C) Greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere contribute to the greenhouse effect of the earth, making the climate warmer than it would have been without increased greenhouse gas levels.

    Where am I wrong?

    PS Sorry for being so verbose earlier, wasting time with you isn’t very fun for me either.

  22. Ok it isn’t that you are wrong, you’re just not right in the conclusions you draw, here you go one scientific fact that answers your entire premise here,

    “The carbon that’s already up in the atmosphere absorbs most of the light that it can. CO2 only ‘soaks up’ its favorite wavelengths of light and it’s close to saturation point. The natural greenhouse effect is real, and does keep us warm, but it’s already reached it’s peak performance.

    Throw more carbon up there and most of the extra gas is just ‘unemployed’ molecules. They manage to grab a bit more light from wavelengths that are close to their favorite bands but they can’t do much more, because there are not many left-over photons at the right wavelengths.”

    Not a single climate change advocate ever has had an answer to that when I bring it up. It is indeed fact, you can’t change the chemical properties of CO2 just to make a theory work.

    I challenge you since you claim to seek reason and knowledge to read the two pdfs at this link

  23. Full disclosure: I read only the parts relevant to the saturation issue. I’ll be glad to read the rest at a later date, but time didn’t permit.

    It’s an interesting proposal, and if it’s true it could be a serious challenge to the whole effort to curb CO2 emissions. CO2 would still continue to acidify the oceans, thus killing tons of marine life, but that’s another issue for another day.

    So let’s dig up some data. If carbon dioxide is absorbing all of the electromagnetic radiation that there is in the wavelengths that it “likes,” then there shouldn’t be any light of those wavelengths here on the surface. If so, then it should be simple enough to verify. If carbon dioxide absorbs light at X, Y, and Z nanometers, then where’s the graph of electromagnetic radiation detected at surface of the earth that has no detection (or very very small detection) at X, Y, and Z?

    Show me this, and I’ll concede that adding more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere should not raise the greenhouse effect.