The Enemy Within and an Uncertain Future – Epi-3062 — 9 Comments

  1. When I was a severely abused woman and wound up in the women’s shelter just to save my own life, people asked me ‘why did you stay?’ Leaving doesn’t have some magic wand. You need money, you need a support system, you need somewhere to go and you have to figure out how you’re going to survive when you get to a new place.
    “Just leave” isn’t realistic at all.
    In the end, I lost everything I owned because he burned everything to the ground while I was in the shelter.
    And I lost the precious 13A that I had such hopes and dreams for.
    I had to claw my way back up from nothing. I left the shelter with a change of clothes and some toiletries.
    Then my health tanked.
    So while I appreciate everything you’ve said today, there are circumstances that are like being trapped in quicksand.
    Since then I fought my way through living in horrible places until I could get to somewhere better. I now own (with a mortgage) my first home in a small town. I have a very small lot that is shaded but I have dirt and I can grow SOMETHING.
    Health wise, I’m now up to 32 surgeries/procedures (including two bouts with cancer). Most of my surgeries are orthopedic. I feel like …and am….a Frankenstein creation that surgeons just practiced on. I’m not ‘better’. I feel like those surgeons fed off of my need to function for their own personal gain. And now I’m told that the surgical group will no longer accept me as a patient! One surgeon actually told me this: “You’re old (I’m 68). There is no point in doing anything more for you. Go home and enjoy what time you have left.” It was hard not to say “FU very much doctor.”
    I hate prescriptions, am low carb and do intermittent fasting daily. So I fight their system and they hate me for it. Plus I refused, and always will refuse, the jabbiejabbie.

    Yes, please please do another intro to crypto. It’s like Greek to many people including myself. But people learn Greek.
    I have very little to invest and I’ve heard not to invest more than you can lose.

    As for our retired military, I’d absolutely love to meet a retired military man. Not sure how to go about that.

    Thanks Jack.
    Tomorrow is another day filled with more chances. And another TSP.

  2. You are not going to like this, but as long as I have known you I have heard excuse after excuse. You are arguing yourself into a permanent trap. It does not mean getting out is easy, but it does mean you are making sure you don’t.

  3. Im not saying everyone’s subscription price has gone up, but my butcher box has gone up $10 since I got it. They also sent another email this week saying the price was going to be going up another $10 after this month.

    • My quail just started laying again, and I just got my first rabbit litter born today

  4. I am thinking about what you said about not standing out as interesting, I’m currently in a rental, and it’s more visible than I like, and I have gardens…
    I’m doing a lot of root crops and things that are hard to identify this year. Some tomatoes etc, but mostly things that don’t show up in the grocery store at all, or if they do, not looking like that. And things like potatoes with flowers growing over them. Best I can come up with. Doubt my gardens will get stripped at least, would take a lot of work and a lot of knowledge of what is edible and what is not.
    But it’s not hard to look at the gardens and say “I bet she cans food too…”

    Sucks when your best resource is your worst security flaw too.
    Camo crops is the best I can come up with.

  5. I know you bashed Curtis Stone in the past cause you said he went off the deep end. What do you think now of what he is doing? Things have been brewing for a bit and I believe “they” finally went all in and are gonna put the pedal to metal. Gonna be the most perilous times in my 60 plus years.

    • Okay first, I almost want to say fuck off for using the term “bashed” because I never did such a thing. But realizing that text is the lowest form or comms and you may not mean bashed the way that the dictionary defines the word I will hold my tongue. Disagreeing with a person is NOT BASHING THEM.

      Second I love Curtis and everything he is doing to build community, his property, etc.

      Where I disagree and I will use the words here, his “absolute bullshit” that you can legally not pay taxes by claiming sovereignty, get out of being convicted of crimes by saying specific words in court as though they are a magic spell, etc. This entire idea that you can exist in a parallel legal system is nonsensical. Getting away with it doesn’t prove you can do it legally. All it takes is the decision to come after you and you are fucked. Just ask Erin Schiff who died in prison for the same stuff.

      I wish him well and do hope they never go after him. This is not BASHING this is a fundamental reality where we disagree intellectually. He is willing to take this risk, I prefer to use their own tax code against them with a damn good CPA and tax attorney. I also REFUSE to advise my listeners to take this course as I do believe for every certain number that get away with it, a counter number are destroyed by doing it. I won’t be responsible for that, Curtis believes in this “magic” for lack of a better term so he will. Everything else the guy does I love.

      As to “what he’s doing now” I can’t answer that because I have literally no fuckin idea at all what the hell “what he’s doing now” means when you ask the question that way.

  6. Dark!

    It’s been feeling like we’re going to move from stagflation to full Great Depression. I like eating, so preps have been getting deeper since the 2020 silliness began.

    For those of you hesitating: shit is available NOW, stock up

    Read up on the Great Depression. People died of starvation while the government paid farmers to plow under crops and dump milk (to ‘prop up’ prices) WHILE exporting food. Sound familiar?

    No one is coming to save you. Yes, POTATUS may get around to sending you a check for a couple of hundred dollars a month or two in, but that’s AFTER the bank holidays (again, Great Depression…history is rhyming).

    Unrelated: still trying to figure out how to minimize FRN (federal reserve note) exposure (depreciation & seizure), and open to suggestions.

    Multiple bank accounts, check. Credit Unions over banks, check. Yeah yeah bullion & crypto…but that’s not ‘system money’ (it has to be ‘converted’ and when everyone is system money poor, the ‘exchange rate’ crashes). Paper notes, yup. Any ideas? Was thinking today about stablecoins, but those are of course NOT REALLY ‘stable’ (dependent upon organizations to maintain their ‘value’).

    Thinking about this because of what happened in the Great Depression to home/property owners. Basically: hey! you just lost your job. And oh, that six months of savings you had in the bank…yeah, that’s not yours anymore. BTW, where’s that mortgage payment you owe me?

  7. For those of you living in less populous counties. This might be a good time to start thinking about what you can do within that political unit to get some contingency plans if not in place, at least in the ‘planning’ stages.

    For some, this is outside their ‘circle of influence’, but for others in this audience, it is not.

    Any other LOCAL ‘group’ affiliates you can influence? Your church, school, club, etc.?

    I’m not saying to sow the seeds of terror…but when you have the POTATUS stating openly that bad times are coming, you can probably talk to even the most mainstream Karen about what WE should do about that.

    Thinking about getting a t-shirt made with my current mantra (NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE YOU), because this might be a good time for a little fear motivated action. =/