The Decline and Fall of Empires with CJ Kilmer – Epi-3244 — 5 Comments

  1. Great guest. Have him on more. History is fascinating especially when the guest provides correct definitions we use. Never thought of our an empire.

  2. Great guest and complementary to a book I just finished, Peter Zeihan’s “The End of the World Is Just The Beginning”. His thing is also the end of empire, but his take is that the US will drop our empire and withdraw to just NATO and maybe UK let the rest of the world burn. This doesn’t disagree with this guest, but may just be a step in the fall.

  3. What about California water needs? Not so sure they could keep it going without water from the East.

    Another way to look how empires change is they can be non border corporate and banking empires as that is currently the case right now. Washington is just a whore to the lobbyists and the lobbyists are owned by the elite.

    • Hmm, sounds like what happened to Crimea when they chose to become part of Russia. Crimea got most of its water from Ukraine, instead of selling the water to Crimea which would of been find with Crimea/Russia, Ukraine literally poured concreate into the canals that took water there.

      Now there is a war in that region. It isn’t the only cause but it is one of many causes the MSM won’t tell you about.

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