Episode-1742- Emancipate Yourself — 10 Comments

  1. There is nothing in politics that makes me want to participate. I am done with it.

  2. Both books, amazing!
    Dreamers; use caution. Be sure you have a way back to reality.
    I recommended these books to a friend who claimed several years later that they messed him up for a long time. He was young, impressionable, but finally well adjusted. Runs a portion of his fathers business in Michigan, and does well.

  3. Interesting episode. I may have misheard you, but I thought I heard you say something about “liberal media.” It’s a myth, of course, that the media are “liberal.” Most of the mass media in this country are corporate-owned and have a right-of-center orientation. Regarding another issue, Bernie isn’t proposing free college for everyone. He’s proposing free tuition (there are a lot of other expenses associated with college, of course) at public universities. His goal is make college more affordable for those who find college the right path.

    • You know what is a myth a few.

      1. The media is not leftist. Truth the media is owned as you say but the vast majority of those in media are personally leftist, and it does still come though. And many of their owners are leftists.

      2. College won’t be free because their are other expenses. – Can’t do this one the stupid is so bad it burns.

      3. European countries give free college to all. – This hits the crux of this stupidity about free college in the US! The short answer NO THEY DON’T. The truth is over half the idiots in college in the US would not get into college in Europe free or paid. In these nations free college is free only to those who are qualified and they have much higher standards. If you don’t qualify you don’t go, at all, in any way.

      4. That any of this shit is free. There is a cost, paying for someones shit with stolen money doesn’t make it free. It simply makes it immoral.

  4. “Illusions” rocked my world back in the 70’s (when I was a homeless teenager). I’m still here…my mission on Earth isn’t finished. LOVE your show since the beginning.
    Thanks for what you do. Peace and duck eggs.

  5. Louisiana has a TOPS scholarship, basically if you graduate from one of their high schools you get free tuition if you have at least a 2.5 gpa and at least a 20 on their act. Home school students have to score 2 extra points. They also offer free technical school. Better grades and you get a stipend on top of the tuition.

    How is it working? Time will tell. I have 2 daughters going to a Louisiana University, one about to graduate with an architecture degree. (Out of State students, they have partial scholarships) The other is just starting nano engineering. Tuition has gone up 50% in the past 4-5 years. Enrollment has gone up 10% each year in the same amount of time. Which means the cost of rent, dorms, etc has also gone up.

    Many incoming freshman struggle with their classes and have to take classes which aren’t required for their degree to get ready for their required classes. Many get frustrated and drop out, change majors, etc.

    Their governor a few weeks back gave a speech about how they were 1 billion in debt, (not his fault he says, but previous governor) and that they had no money for tops, which meant many of their universities would have to close down, students to get incompletes, and no college football the next fall (due to incompletes) Many students were like, if we have to have our own tuition we will drop out. Most of them have no student loans.

    Couple days later they released 80% of TOPs funding to the universities. Don’t think their governor meant what he said, guessing he was trying to scare people.