Episode-1794- Benjamin Ellefson on teaching Children the Value of Preparedness — 2 Comments

  1. without having to relisten to it in the PC there was refernce to Wizard of Oz and book how it breaks it down talking about real world. Steal works farmers and such. What was the name of the book.

    • The Wizard of Oz was a book and in the book it was different in one big way. Dorothy didn’t have ruby slippers, but silver. Traveling with silver slippers down the golden road to the emerald city to meet the man behind the curtain. When they made the movie they changed the slippers least the sheeple see the real point!

      The source we were talking about is not a book but a movie free on youtube called, The Secret of Oz,

      He ends by suggesting that the nation could make its own debt free currency and just cap it. Of course they can’t be trusted but this video was pre bitcoin, with that type of currency there is a definite cap.