Episode-387- Eight Flowers With Medicinal Value — 8 Comments

  1. Whenever I give advice on natural medicine, I give the warning that my statements only apply in the free world and do not apply or constitute medical advice in any country or location that is regulated by a Food and Drug Administration.

  2. GREAT show! Makes me very happy that I received an antique rose that is known for its hips just today! I’ve never actually eaten a rose hip before. I look forward to it! I also have a good friend who uses feverfew to aid in her migraines. Thanks Jack!

  3. In Asia, neem is grown in our back yard. It can grow into a big tree, Chewing a leaf a day is helpful for many sickness. Traditional Chinese Tea is normally drink without milk or sugar, to increase its potency, it is mix with a variety of dry flowers or leaf to target any weakness or sickness. There are traders here who has more than a hundred variety of flowers. It make a delightful drink & soothing to our throat. This dry flowers can be kept for several years so we has several containers whereby we pick & mix the flowers for our daily drink. It increase our immunity(I never had a cold or flu) especially useful during pandemic.

  4. Question about the French marigolds… I was under the impression from earlier podcasts that some were edible (blossoms) in salads? Just wanted to ask…

    Great show. I love this stuff!

  5. This was very informative! I am trying to grow Chamomile, Echinacea and a few of the others. I would love to have growing tips as well,