Episode-1817- Eating like a king on an Below Average Income — 15 Comments

  1. Not a comment about this episode, rather a tip for Alex Shrugged’s history segment (sorry if I missed another way to communicate with him). This is for 1847 … The Meusebach-Comanche Treaty – “the sole treaty negotiated between a Plains Tribe and settlers as private parties, and is believed to be the only pact between whites and Native Americans that was never broken”. Quote is from, and there is lots more info on the web.

    I really appreciate all the work Alex puts into the history segment and always look forward to seeing what he comes up with!

  2. Thanks for the show Jack! Just a quick FYI –
    “Taiwanese” = Taiwan. “Thai” = Thailand

  3. Regarding seasoning cast iron…There is so much good cast iron information out there, but I found these articles exceptionally helpful for me a few years ago:



    Thanks Jack, you reminded me how much more I really should be using my cast iron. It really is super utilitarian.

  4. My sister has urged me to listen to your podcasts for months. Well, yesterday, I stumbled onto this one and listened! I loved it! In fact, I am playing it again today. Thank you for such great, common-sense information. After listening to this podcast, I think I will buy a canner. Do you have a recommendation?

    PS: Congrats on the arrival on your new granddaughter.

  5. Have you ever tried liquid amino Jack? It’s a good soy sauce substitute. Coconut amino too.

  6. Great show. I especially liked the lesson on basic regional base sauces.

    A counterpart to the Spanish Sofrito, is Recaito. You sometimes see the names used interchangeably, but they are different sauces.

    Spanish Sofrito is tomato based, while Recaito is based on the root of the Culantro plant. (A distant cousin to our cilantro.)

    Used in the eastern West Indies, and central America, It’s the best thing you can do for a pot of beans.

  7. Jack – AWESOME episode! Just a thought – much like your meads of the week series, you could create a video series with all these tips, tricks and suggestions. It would be great! Keep up the good work.

  8. I didn’t realize I’ve been listening to our very own redneck Jacques Pepin! You have missed your calling. From now on, whenever Jack does an episode on cooking he should refer to himself as Jacuqes.

  9. Did you ever backfill and post links like the peppers and everything else you mentioned? I’m salivating listening to this episode