Earthworks Seminar Nov. 21-23 at the Spirko Homestead – Open to MSB Members First — 19 Comments

  1. 44k gallons of water is a lot! I wonder if it would be beneficial to do this for a small pond that not spring or creek fed to keep it filled..what say you?

  2. Sounds great. I can’t make this one but sooner or later one of these TSP workshops will fit in the schedule 🙂
    Color me jealous 🙂

  3. That totally sounds awesome and the price is right but I gotta pass this time. Hopefully you’ll keep doing these workshops because I will make it to one sooner or later.

  4. Just finished signing up, I was at the first workshop and I really hated missing out on this last one but the timing for the next one is perfect. I agree that even a seminar on watching paint dry would be worth it due to all the knowledge shared and relationships built!

  5. Find out tomorrow if I have the vacation days to go. I’ve put it off for too long. : D Haven’t had a good road trip in awhile.

  6. Jack, do you expect that with time, water, and root action of plants in the swales, the underlay of limestone will break up to some degree, allowing you to make your swales deeper (if you want)?

    • Yes and no…

      Will the slab be broken up, roots driven down, new edge and niche formed and due to cycling more soil built, absolutely.

      Will this make or let me make bigger swales. No not really, by the time all this happens the system is mature, I wouldn’t go in and disturb deeply a mature and stable system with out a very compelling reason. The slope is only about 3 degrees at best, more like 2, the swales we install will be more then sufficient for what is needed.

  7. Just got back for a trip to Texas to get familiar with areas to relocate. I seem to be in between all the events but I hope to make one (or more) in the future.
    I hope there are videos for members afterwards.

      • Do I have to do it twice for me and my wife. will only let me have one spot.

        • Just do another form for her, yes sorry many I can’t do a buy one get one for couples on this event. If you start from the beginning it will let you do a second one.

  8. Ok, I’m signed up. This will be my first TSP event and, I must admit, I’m itching to get on the plane already!

  9. My husband, Joe, is going. If anyone else is flying into DFW Wed and out Sunday, let us know if you want to split a rental car. No sense everyone renting there own car to sit on Jack’s property all weekend.

    • Make sure to get on the yahoo email list for event attendees only. It is in the document with all the event instructions, directions, etc. If you didn’t get it when you signed up I will be sending a copy to all who signed up today after I dig out of this deep ass hole I am in due to so much travel in October. On that list last time tons of people hooked up for airport rides, etc. It is a list only for TSP folks that are attending or have attended past events. You don’t have to sign up for yahoo, all that a person needs to do is send an email to subscribe. Again if you didn’t get redirected at payment to the document it will be sent today.

  10. ……….. Jack, I signed up with deposit to paypal 10/26 @10:54 am . Did I make the cut? I have not received comfermation of payment. Thanks Scott