Episode-1911- You Have a Duty to Be Prepared — 13 Comments

  1. I have been preparing for several years, and greatly appreciate your work and publications.

    • Wrong inverter or batteries. I am running frig and two freezers on solar and inverter. Hope you can get some help to do it right.

    • There are thousands of people doing it. It could be something weird with your fridge, a bad or under powered inverter, the way you are connecting the inverter, I just don’t know.

      But this is why we teach to test your gear before you need it and work out the kinks in advance.

  2. Enjoyed the show very much today. I’ve been listening to your show for a long time now. I use these shows to review what I’ve done and to help identify areas I still need to improve. What about putting together a show like this that runs on an annual basis? You get new listeners all the time, so you could do a Basic Preparedness show around the same time each year (like your Thanksgiving and Veterans Day shows).

    I review my 72 hr bag at the change of seasons. Each time, I always find something to replace or add. Shows like this one remind me to re-evaluate my other preps too.

    Thanks for all you do.

  3. 1:23:08 Maybe the most important thing Jack has ever said on this show.

    If you heard this and said to yourself “no shit,” … thank God there are others of you out there. I was beginning to wonder if there were any left.

    If not, knowing how to do things, fix things, build things and especially figure things out is extremely lacking today and will probably, as Jack says, be very important skills to have in the future.

    The absolute most important aspect of survival is the ability to improvise and adapt. That ability is not learned from a book, a You Tube video or even listening to this podcast. It comes from NOT relying on repair manuals, instructions, and videos. To learn it, you have to get some tools, tear apart that mower and try to fix it BEFORE using somebody else’s knowledge as a crutch or just buying a knew one. The mower is just one example, you have to go through the processes of figuring things out on your own. And for Gods sake, when your kid asks you how to do something, don’t tell them the answer or tell them to look it up. Tell them to figure it out and walk through the process with them.

    • I totally disagree with not using a manual, a video, etc. or some twisted contention that you don’t learn if you do so.

      This is very flawed and circular logic!

    • That’s not what I said at all. I said BEFORE using a manual, try. Go through the processes of figuring out a solution or multiple solutions first. Dude I use manuals etc. all the time and learn from them all the time. I’m talking about the ability to figure things out when you don’t have that crutch. It might not be there when you need it, it might not exist. You said it yourself 10 seconds later “when I don’t have X and I need X.” Did you look in a manual to tell you all the different possible solutions to your problem so you would know what to look for? No, You used that rare ability I am saying people need to learn.

  4. Shortly after 9/11, The Emergency Management Agency in my home county set up a committee to determine what man caused disasters were likely in our area, and what our current resources were to deal with them.

    We determined that three fires in homes in three different areas in the county would tie up 80 to 90% of the fire, EMS, and police resources.

    Since then there have been changes in training and staffing, new tech has helped, but it would not take much as you say. It is something most Emergency Management Agencies have plans for. Mostly it is going to be “dump water on the property around it and keep it from spreading” with minimum staffing at fire scene.

    We also determined the most serious major man caused disaster was train derailment with chemical spill but was least likely to happen accidentally, most likely man caused disaster is tractor trailer with chemical spill. Which got me fearing a combination of an intentional spill in a major cross road, then three to five major fires set.

  5. Most excellent. It spurred me to action to create those document folders. And get busy learning a couple of skills that might be outsude my comfort zone,
    I woukd be interested to know what starter level ham radio you or others might recommend.

    • Hi Debra, Jack has done a couple of shows related to ham radio. If you search his shows, you’ll find plenty of resources, including starter radios. Also, Steven Harris has put out some videos, check out his related 1234 site.

      Hope that helps.