Episode-2599- Kurt Dugger on Paraglider Adventures and the Dark Horse Lodge — 2 Comments

  1. Going to just have a good chuckle about the fact that you said it was 2013 in the intro!

  2. Great interview guys, such a worthy mission you’re taking on!


    Kurt, as an experienced fixed wing pilot (inexperienced rotor), the flying lawn chair looks like such a raw tactile method of flying. Gotta feel so much more in tune with the outside world than being crammed in a tin can.


    Gretchen, I honestly can’t imagine what it’d be like to outlive my son. You guys are turning an utter tragedy into a positive life changing experience for so many.  Just awesome. There’s some guys I can think of that I believe would still be around if they had the Darkhorse Lodge in their life before…


    I’m not a vet, but I really appreciate what y’all are doin.