What Would a Redneck Duck Farmer do as President – Epi-3359 — 1 Comment

  1. hey Jack! here are some comments from a 70 yr old boomer grandma. i wish the SS system had been like you suggested for our generation. all the money stolen from me in taxes to fund a SS system, if it had been in a 401 k under my control? my life would be very different. however, I am still working on my own term as a regenerative rancher/farmer raising pastured beef, poultry and eggs. it is a nice way to spend my retirement years after selling my business in 2008. I go to market one day a week and sell to my local community.
    the other idea I loved was the property tax gone at 65. Our county used to have a system of freezing the rate at 65 but they eliminated it. it’s an outright land grab of all us farmer/ ranchers that are “aging out”. big chunks of farm land are going under the bulldozers creating housing developments on tiny lots. i just bought a few bred cows from a dispersment sale. my friend was selling because his other siblings wanted to sell the land after the dad passed. he is losing all his ground to ranch on. these are cattle he and his dad had worked to build the bloolines for years and they are really nice cattle. i think it is heart breaking. wish more people knew what it took to put that nice steak on their dinner plate.