The Duck Chronicles Adjunct 6 and Episodes 30 and 31 — 4 Comments

  1. Jack…when you go to permaculture voices, PLEASE mention your Duck Chronicles. I think its outstanding work, captivating, interesting and very educational. I think a lot of people at PV will get a benefit from watching these videos. Even your 5 minute videos are very educational. Almost makes me want to have a few ducks… OMG…Did I just say that ??


  2. Gone for a week eh? Perhaps a good opportunity to reenact the Jetta days and make some on-the-fly episodes from the road? Might be entertaining to record live the TSA cavity searches at the airport 😉 Been too long since I’ve heard you call someone an assclown.

    • Um no I am attending and speaking at a conference. Last year I had people following me to the bath room asking me, “can I ask you a question” and a few times literally had to say, “not while I pee, okay”.

      LOL, in other words I will have all my time occupied.