The Duck Chronicles Episode Five – One Less Baby Alive — 10 Comments

  1. Alright, now I *know* you’re rhyming the names on purpose. Pity about the one little girl. I’m really enjoying these videos Jack, thank you!

    • Yes I am, I was hoping for everyone is still alive this time but it wasn’t to be. I don’t know that every episode can rhyme and make sense but I will do it when I can. So I have 24 hours to come up with something for six now.

  2. Jack, Thanks for the videos my grandkids and I enjoy them. I was happy to see a cameo of your grandson in one.Thanks again……..Scott

  3. hey jack,
    ive got a question. what are “bluish eggs”? ive taken a look at the metzer farms site and i keep seeing them talk about what percent of “bluish eggs” the ducks will lay. tired looking it up and still not really understanding what it means. is this a good thing or bad thing to do with eggs. thanks for all that you do. and thanks for this awesome video series. i love it. you have got me really interested in trying ducks now instead of chickens.
    thanks for your time.

    • Well first they taste and eat the same and if fertile hatch the same. But all ducks will at times lay eggs from a slightly hint of blue or gray to all the way damn near black. Some ducks do this very infrequently like Pekins, Khakis and Hybrid Layers. Some do it a lot more often like Cayuga and Swedish. We get at least one a week, sometimes a few more. Our customers don’t mind but in the broad market people want everything the same. So they disclose this number mostly for lager producers to factor into their operations. Next time we have a few of different shades I will put them in an episode. Right now there isn’t a duck egg on the property, we sold out of every egg this am, one customer had to settle for a negative bakers dozen, eleven eggs.

      I am scrambling right now to buy any and all adult or adolescent female ducks I can find, and nothing but chicks available unless I want to drive half way to Louisiana.

  4. oh ok. cool. great to know. lol thats a better explanation then anything else i could find. thanks alot jack. and sorry to bug you on your day off. i apreciate the info and the offer to show me what this “bluish egg” thing is the next time you get a chance. looking forward to more videos and learning more. congrats on all the business your getting, id rather be sold out of something then not selling any. hopefully i will have the same results. have a good weekend. thanks for your time again

  5. Thanks for the videos jack. These are helpful a we prepare for our own flock from Metsger in March.
    Question about pricing. Are you still selling your duck eggs for around 5/doz? Here in Athens, GA duck eggs go for 9-12/doz.
    If I had your demand I would be very tempted to raise prices, but I know you have a better business acumen than I…Would love to hear your thoughts on pricing strategy ( in regards to eggs and other products)


  6. Hi, Jack. When you have to Euthanize small and young animals what technique/s do you use and/or recommend? What do you do with the remains afterward?

    • A bird of this size I simple do what you do with a winged dove. This is going to sound awful but it works and it is isn’t. Hold the head in your right hand between your index and middle finger, hold the bird in your left hand and with one swift motion yank. The head pops right off. I have to say, I HATE doing this to a young animal, but I would rather instant death then a lingering death by starvation. Once they get much larger it is best to decapitate with hatchet or similar.