The Duck Chronicles Episode Twenty Seven – Name A Muscovy Kevin — 7 Comments

  1. What you call the “Executive Officer” (aka 1st Officer) we don’t know its personality but I suggest name of Spock. (Star Trek)
    Or, if it poops a lot, how about #2 😉

  2. This would be cool:

    An automatically filling and draining water basin- A small pond, like the kiddy pool size, with an automatic drain valve on a timer, set at once, twice, or three times per day that opens to drain the basin and maybe a float valve that keeps the basin full of fresh water.

    What about collecting the fertilized (duck poop) water and selling the fertilized water for organic gardens?


  3. Jack, great series. I’ve been curious how much of the species in your pasture you planted versus what has volunteered, and what your thoughts are on seeding pasture versus seeing what shows up. Salatin mentions not seeding his pastures but I would think you have to start somewhere. Thanks!

  4. Actually, Kevin is a pretty good name. If you have watched the Dispicable Me movies, one of the minions is Kevin. It seems to fit.