The Duck Chronicles Episode Twenty Six – The Weeds and Pest Fix — 3 Comments

  1. Could you ask Ben Falk if he has any comments on animals in the unusually cold weather the north east has been having this year? When I watch the news I wonder how the animals are doing and what I would do if that kind of winter happened to me. Thank you.

  2. Patricia,
    i only have a small flock of chickens, but they are doing fine in New Hampshire, where we have had about 8 feet of snow and double digit negative temps. As long as the hens can have a place that is dry, draft free, and with fresh (not frozen) water, they will be ok. Chickens with larger combs might get frostbite on the tips, and larger breeds do better, but mine are doing great. i make sure they have a full crop before bedtime, and a heated water dish keeps their water from freezing. They do not lime walking on snow, so I dig out their run and throw straw down for them, and use deep bedding inside the coop.