The Duck Chronicles Episode Twenty Four – 8 Muscovies More — 9 Comments

  1. Jack,
    Love watching the duck chronicles. Informative & instructional. Learning more about chickens, ducks and a little about permaculture at Nine Mile Farmstead.
    Bill in Illinois

  2. Do you ever sleep?
    Doing 16 things at once 18 hours a day apparently.
    Don’t burn out, America needs you 😉

  3. I’ve got a peach that is budding out like your apple. It’s got me worried about being nuked by a frost. Last year it got my apricot tree.

    Where do you get your straw? I can’t find anyone here in east Texas that sells it. Hay is easy to find but no luck so far with straw.

    • I buy straw at Horaney’s in Longview. Next year, look at the Halloween decorations. Even Lowes and Home Depot will carry straw bales then.

      • Thanks Dawn! I guess Horaney’s was just out the last time I checked with them. I got down there every couple of weeks to get my chicken feed, I’ll ask them again next time I’m down there.

  4. I’m jealous looking at your apple budding out… 15 below zero here this morning 🙁

    Say, could you give a peek into your duck house in one of these episodes? We’re considering Muscovy ducks and I’d like to see a duck house inside.

    Thanks, I love the chronicles, too!