The Duck Chronicles Episode Twelve – Into the Outdoors we Delve — 5 Comments

  1. Hey jack,
    Got a question. Do u have to have male ducks? Basically do u male ducks like chickens. Is one male duck like a rooster that has all his girls? Or do u have to have a male duck to every female duck so they can pair like ur geese do? Do u have to have male ducks at all for the females to produce eggs. I just seen u said you have fifty of the little girls. So I was just wondering all this.
    I know it’s some very basic questions but I’m just getting into this whole homesteading thing. I wanted chickens at first now watching and listening to u I’m thinking about ducks. I think I might just go with ten of each and see which I like better and to make sure I have both options for customers. But I didn’t know how many male ducks you have to have. Wanted to make sure before I put in an order. Thanks for all u do jack.

  2. I have a predator question. We live in an area where we have fox, coyote, eagles, bears, lynx, cougars – pretty much any predator you can think of. I’m thinking we’d need to put a “roof” of sorts on a duck pen as well as sink the fencing into the ground to discourage burrowing, yes? If that is the case, would you simply use the same material as your fencing on the top? Is there a better way to do it?


  3. Thank You for the Duck Chronicles; very cool.

    Once the ducks get old enough to be turned lose like the adults you have, what will they eat? You have waxed eloquent on the beneficial effects chickens have on the soil; what’s the duck factor on that subject? Obviously they defecate but they don’t scratch up the grass as chickens do. How does that work?

  4. Hi Jack, are ducks cheaper to feed because they forage more than chickens? Do you have an estimate on cost per day?

    I have 3 chickens that cost about $30 a month month for organic scratch and peck. At this rate i basically break even for eggs…