Episode-863- Chris Duane on Constitional Silver — 125 Comments

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  2. Jack,
    Thank you so much for having me on.
    I have to say this was one of the most professional interviews that I have had.
    You have an incredible talent and I hope we can do another one in the future.


      • Hi Silver Shield, I just went through all of your video’s, I thought they were just awesome. I sent them to like minded family and friends. Jack, your show is awesome and this is one of the best interviews you have had. Thanks for all you both do.

        • Thank you.

          I have found for every person that truly appreciates my work there is 1 person that seeks to throw rocks at it.

          The quiet ones are the ones that we must always be mindful of.

          We all can make a huge difference by walking in confidence in our own path and show the quiet ones that there is another way out of this mess.

      • Very interesting ideas and good job with the interview Jack. I also share the Warren Buffet opinion that “diversification is the only free lunch”.

        Chris, my nagging question is…If silver is such a great value today, why do you want to sell me your silver in exchange for my (soon to be) worthless dollars?

        • @Jerry, to be fair Chris is likely using those dollars to pay daily bills and would advise you to do the same. He has stated that any “savings” he has goes into silver. While I do NOT advocate the same approach, your question infers that he is more like a goldline salesman that an independent person. You will also note he made no attempt to sell silver to you on the show. He has a program for buyers but I see nothing wrong with that.

          Chris has said buy silver no really buy it from me though, just my view.

  3. One of the best interviews you’ve done!

    This guy knows his history and is very forward thinking, and he’s put out a wealth of knowledge on his YouTube channel.

  4. Wow, talk about like minds. I just finished watching all of the guests videos last week! This was one of the primary reasons for +1 for the internet.. =)

  5. Sorry, but I don’t believe some of the scenarios. In the event of hyperinflation the government will protect the banks (and FDIC) by prohibiting most early mortgage payoffs until the currency is redenominated. At that time (maybe) parity between what is owed and the “value” of the new currency is re-established.

    • Fairly easily through a declaration of some sort of “economic emergency act” which, judging by recent events may not even involve Congress. Please remember the disregard for contract law when GM bondholders were moved to last place on the food chain and the more recent MF Global bankruptcy where the bankruptcy judge took the money from investors’ individual accounts to pay the debts of the corporation. Actually there are many more examples of the government stepping in and overturning existing contracts (one more – MERs where the gov saved the banks by shrugging their shoulders at millions of illegal foreclosures). Although I think they may allow payoffs in the event of a property sale, there is no way that they’re going to let the banks (and FDIC) go down due to highly inflated currency (which, of course, they created). I’ll go you one better. I think it’s likely that banks, if inflation gets cookin’, may include either (or both) inflation protection or mandatory equity sharing provisions in their notes.

  6. Ok so Boy do I have a lot to learn. Now I know where I can find good info thanks. Do have a question / need some input

    So is it better to not pay your house off because of the value of the dollar going down? Is that the point he was trying to make? My ADD was kicking in and out so was all over the place in my head.

    Background: We owe 30K at 4.75% pmt P&I 300per month. I so want to pay it off ASAP because I HATE HATE HATE owing people money I want to own my house outright. (Yeah Yeah still have property taxes about 2300 yr) If something happens to our one pay check then owning our house gives even more padding. Have 5 ac 20-25 min out of PDX. We would love to move but wont. Hubby is only 6 yrs from retirement has great pay now with benny’s and LOVES his job. I’m working at the home front building the homestead. (Slow process due to injuries which is why I let my business go and don’t have a “paycheck” coming in) Do have 8 mo ER fund cash no silver/gold yet (well that is 100% ours but do have access if need be) . No other outside consumer debit. And kids are all grown no college to worry about. (Just plain worry)

    We have been contemplating just slamming the mortgage could have it paid in full by the end of the year. I just imagine the feeling of freedom that will give.

    After listening to this now thinking it may be better strategic move to invest in silver? Shoot more confused than ever guess I will listen again and visit his web sites.

    • Listen I hate having to pay a mortgage (mort=dead + gage =pledge) but the fact is that inflation is at least 10% and rates are artificially low.

      I did the math in 2008 on my house and I could either sell all of my silver and owe nothing and have no silver or take the Dead Pledge and have the tax write off at a low interest rate and keep my stash.
      4 years later the house is paid down a bit and I refied but the silver is 4x what it was in 2008.
      We have not had a currency crisis yet and that is a mathematical certainty.

      Unfortunately, we do not have 6 years before this event and I believe that all paper assets including pensions, cash, stocks, IRA, insurance policies will be worth as much as a Confederate Bond.

      If you bought silver think of it as your new savings account and reserve as you can always sell it when times are tough.

      This whole nation is broke and some sort of default will occur and all debts will be made worthless. This will benefit all debtors and really hurt those that played by the rules.

      If you have more questions on silver watch The Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield on YouTube.


      • Hey Chris, thanks for the reply – I had a similar question. I’m still not sure though – people getting out of their debts / paying off the mortgage with a couple silver coins doesn’t seem to jive with what Ferfal said happened to people who were in debt in Argentina when they had their collapse. Dmitry Orlov’s writings about the Soviet collapse also seem to disagree. He’s more pro-useful tangibles (tools, skills, etc) during a collapse as opposed to precious metals. I wonder if you could explain why your position is more correct in terms of how things will likely go down in America vs. theirs? Thanks, and great show!

        • Argentina used the debts of their people to re enter the system…

          Russia still had the Dollar and Deutschmark and their Ruble debts were inflated away.

          Wiemar Germany one ounce of gold bought a Hotel and US student in Germany used their allowance to buy up tracts of homes.

          The Dollar collapse is the the entire world economies backbone and all fiat paper asset values will fall along with it.

          Humanity will reach for things that have real tangible value and I see silver as the one thing that will perform the best.

          That said people MUST have food weapons and supplies to get through the Anger stage of the Awakening and silver will not be as useful when the streets are on fire but even that will blow over and an new order will set in and I believe those that have silver will have tremendous purchasing power.

        • @Silver Shield,

          While I think you might be a bit over optimistic about the power of silver after a collapse I agree that you are going to be a LOT better off holding silver than any paper asset in any form. Will a “few ounces” buy a hotel when it happens or even a house, I personally don’t think so but it won’t be like Argentina and the USSR as you point out.

          In all collapses of recent note the move was almost always to arbitrage to the dollar, if the dollar goes there is nothing, no paper currency to arbitrage to. We can learn from the USSR, Argentina and Greece but we as you point out should not expect our collapse to mirror them in economic terms.

          I do agree that silver is the best play for this scenario.

          My concern for a 100% play is we don’t know when and we really don’t know how it will go down. There is no way to know if they might have a decade or two of actions that sustain the dying giant and we don’t know what it will look like. When a society collapses typically it goes this way…

          1. Cash becomes king
          2. Cash inflates and becomes more king for a time
          3. Cash over inflates and becomes worthless or worth very little
          4. “Stuff” becomes king, metals play a role but food and medicine and commodities are more important due to scarcity
          5. By now the whole thing is going totally ape shit and in some areas you have the wild west at best
          6. Things level off and a new economy emerges (this is where silver, gold, etc. really come into play)

          The key is we don’t get to know the timeline of the above. And I mean the timeline from start to finish not just he timeline from now to start. For all we know we are already in it or I could be right and one last big damn party may be on the way. I personally think they are going to restart the band, get everyone to go all in one more time and then clean the tables.

          So I advocate more balance so as to be able to not just prosper on the other side but prosper and by the way survive from now all the way through.

          Yet in the end you are correct, when the dollar goes there is no where for us to run the way other nations did. Heck Argentina ran to the dollar so hard that it was basically outlawed by the government as you said to “reset” them back into the debt trap..

  7. Wow…and I mean that in a good way.

    I’ve been a fan of owning silver since I was about 8 years old (didn’t know why), and while I’m not heavily invested in it, I have been interested in more tangible assets.

    I’m looking forward to reading/watching more.

  8. Really fascinating interview! I’m not sure I would feel comfortable being 100% silver leveraged, but the gold/silver ratio argument really makes me think.

  9. From the guest’s blog: “America today is nothing more than a spoiled brat blowing through the last of their inheritance. The only thing the US is number 1 in is spreading debt and death.”

    Maybe I’ll skip this episode. I get all the America-bashing I need from the mainstream media.

    • @Backwoods Engineer, kind of closed minded dude. Make you a deal I promise you that if you listen to this when you are done you will HAVE to come back and tell me that the entire interview is NOTHING that you will ever hear in main stream media. Further that “America” is not being bashed by Chris not even in the statement you cite.

      It isn’t bashing to speak the truth.

      Fact, American is the biggest spreader of debt.

      Fact, We are blowing through the last of our “inheritance” if our inheritance is what the WWII generation handed down to us.

      Fact, you can’t take a walk down a populated street and HONESTLY tell me most of the population isn’t full of “spoiled brats”.

      Give it a listen I promise you it is 100% nothing main stream media (right or left) is going to tell you. I also don’t see it as “America bashing” even the bashing part, I see it as bashing the powers that RUN AMERICA, not me an you, not the people, the system that runs us. Open your mind dude perhaps you might learn something.

    • MSM bashing America? I’m not sure what channels you consider MSM, but usually the big networks are always full of shit about green shoots, and look at the market go!, and oh look what a great “bi-partisan compromise” back in August to “cut spending”, and how evil Libya & Syria & Iran are, and on and on. They’re singing sweet lullabies to keep the sheeple asleep at the wheel. Chris’ stuff today is the wake the eff up slap in the face the American people need. Judging by more people being aware of the criminality (and evil) that is the Fed, I’d say more people are waking up… finally.

  10. Another quote from the guest’s site: “We cannot fight evil, we only need to expose evil and it will cease to have power. The real challenge is to show people that the good that they think they are doing is really evil and they will no longer do it.”

    Tell it to Charles Manson. Tell it to Mao. Tell it to Stalin and Hitler.

    We can and should fight evil.

    • Institutional or societal evil is different than a criminal psychopath.

      Mao and Stalin or any other societal psychopath is only capable of murdering millions because thousands of individuals believe that they are doing good.

      Look at Hitler’s Germany, an educated Christian society set about killing people based off of the idea that they were better and that others needed to die.

      Societal evil once exposed becomes impotent as no one is willing to pull the trigger anymore for the lie.

      Take our Department of Homeland Security that is encroaching on our freedom every day. Would you suggest we physically fight them? Or would a better way to expose their crimes against the Constitution so that people no longer work for them, cooperate with them, fund them or legitimize them.

      Once the evil is exposed people stop enabling it.
      Soda is bad stop drinking it.
      Wall St is corrupt, take your dollar out.
      Wars are unjust, don’t join their army.
      On and on…

      • Silver Shield

        I personally believe the following is true,
        “All that EVIL needs to endure, is that good men do nothing”
        ….look that one up and see who said it.

        Exposing evil is not enough.
        Not participating is not enough.
        (There were good people in Germany, and by doing nothing, Hitler happened.)
        Doing nothing has gotten us to where we are now in our own country.- communists, socialists, marxists in our own government.

        Am I missing what you are saying?

        • And how did the Communists, Socialists, and Marxists come to expand their power?
          Through indoctrination…

          What I am suggesting is that we do the same thing but in reverse.
          Once people are awakened they have their eyes open forever, and that is generational wealth.

          “Gradually it was disclosed to me that the line separating good and evil passes not through states, not between classes, nor between political parties, but through every human heart”
          ? Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

          Now don’t get me wrong if they start coming door to door like Hitler or Stalin, it is lock and load time for this Marine.

          “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
          ? Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

          Until then, I believe the only rational course for action is awaken people not participating in the system.

          “Don’t believe them, don’t fear them, don’t ask anything of them” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

    • @Backwoods, this is a perfect example of not getting it. If you watched Chris’ videos you would find quite ironically that he uses Stalin, Hitler and Mao of what happens when evil isn’t exposed.

      Again you just might learn something.

  11. Jack and Chris,
    I was a little bit skeptical on how much I would enjoy todays show when reading the title…
    Boy was I wrong, I reeeally enjoyed it. Thanks Jack, this is now in my top 5 favorite financial based episodes here at TSP.
    Great job Chris! , LOVED “”, and I will be checking out TGTNT, and the rest. You really have your head screwed on right- good and tight!
    Thank you for your time and efforts you have put in for the public-or better yet , the Republic. It really shows character.
    And thank both for your contributions in helping educate and wake up the citizens of the US, and the globe.

    • Todays show was great concerning the silver vs the rubber dollar.
      and I Still like the strong 2nd Ammendment stance.
      but…(note to self, Don’t prematurely post broad verbal accolades to guests, until fully vetting those to whom I am speaking.)

  12. Wow, and anti-Semitic too? “This Anglo-American beach head into the Middle East was first conceived by the most powerful family in the world, the Rothschilds, in 1917. The Balfour Declaration said that there will be a Zionist Israel years before World War two and the eventual establishment of Israel. Israel has not been a good neighbor to its Muslim nations”

    Israel pre-exists Ango-American civilization.

    And “has not been a good neighbor”? Yeah, gee, I guess you might say that, if the Muslim nations surrounding Israel didn’t want to wipe her off the map!

    I’ll skip this episode, and go listen to an old one. I don’t need any more Jew-bashing; I get enough of that from the mainstream media.

    • The modern state of Israel is an artificial creation in the land of Palestine.
      If you study the history of the creation of modern day Israel you will see things like the Balfour Declaration and how it was very much a planned event.

      When Israel was founded 98% of the inhabitants were Palestinian Arabs.
      Now they continue to have their lands stolen with illegal settlements.

      The current regime is a warmongering group of men intent on spread more debt and death.
      They can’t even get support of ex Mossad chiefs for their war efforts.

      They are very similar to the NeoCon’s that lied us into war with Iraq over weapons of mass destruction.

      I say let Israel stand on her own. God bless her.

      The US is broke and we have too many problems to deal with than spending more money on supporting them or any other nation for that matter, much less another war for oil.

      P.S. Look up the USS Liberty and also look at how many nations Iran has invaded.

      • Silver Shield ,
        Ohh boy,
        Ummm, can you please expand on these statements you made?…
        “The modern state of Israel is an artificial creation in the land of Palestine.”
        “….The current regime is a warmongering group of men intent on spread more debt and death.”
        “They are very similar to the NeoCon’s that lied us into war with Iraq over weapons of mass destruction.”
        “….The US is broke and we have too many problems to deal with than spending more money on supporting them or any other nation for that matter, much less another war for oil.”
        I’m a little confused,
        ..who are the neocons who lied us into war over wmd’s?
        (pleeeeze don’t say GWB)
        …another war for oil?
        (what oil?)….


        (I’m starting to have that uncomfortable feeling that I may have spoke too soon in my earlier post to you and Jack.)

        • Do you really think Iraq war was about weapons of mass destruction?
          Or could it have been about Saddam selling oil for Euros…
          Or the reason why we went into Libya after Gadaffi had been in power for 41 years is because he was making a move to sell oil for the Gold Dinar…
          Or the real reason why we are going after Iraq is because they are selling oil for anything BUT the dollar on the Isle of Kish…

          The Petro dollar is supporting our way of life and the world is waking up to that fact and dumping the dollar.

          Heck even China and Japan dropped the dollar in bilateral trade at the end of 2011.

          The dollar will collapse and those that created, perpetuated and profit off of this paradigm will burn the world down in war before they let go of power.

      • After attempting to read up about this subject, I tend to agree with Silver Shield on this. I too at first believed all the propoganda about the Palestinians but I came to the conclusions that it is Israel who are the warmongers. I believe Israel is a nation in which Hitler and the Rothschilds were involved in establishing . USA and us in the UK need to stay out if this and leave Israel to it.

    • @ Backwoods Engineer and Trek Fan Dan – I hear you. There are a bunch of things that I disagree with Chris about, and there are a bunch of things that I disagree with Jack about too. I’d encourage you both to take what you want and leave the rest. There is some great info to be found. Dont throw the baby out with the bathwater. 🙂

      • @ Rottenclam,

        Yes, absolutely, we all can disagree.

        I’m just a stickler for the truth, and totally unyeilding when it comes to the perpetuation of misinformation.

        (Just remembered one of my favorite quotes that comes from an old movie- “Excalibur”,
        I believe Merlin was asked; ‘what is the most important quality in a knight?’
        Merlin replied,
        “Truth!, yes, that’s it, -it must be truth, – above all. For when a man lies he murders some part of the world.”)

        • @TrekFanDan,

          Use care with words like “truth” in many instances the truth is cut and dry, in others we are in the world of opinion many times when we THINK we are in the realm of truth vs. a lie.

          Many people would say something like “republicans are better than democrats for the nation”, that isn’t truth though it is opinion. Many would say it is “critical that the US back Israel” again that is opinion not truth.

          Now I personally feel that when it comes to politicians republican and democrat means nothing any longer. But that isn’t “truth” it is my opinion based in where I am in my walk in life. On the Israel thing I do think it is important to “stand by them” but not the way most neocons mean it. They are an ally and if that is to mean anything we must stand by them as we stand by Britten and France, but not in some super special way. They are a nation we have an alliance with to me, nothing more, nothing less.

          Again those are opinions.

          The reality is many of your views you see as “truth” are not they are opinions. Israel is a touchy subject I stay off it because I see it as nothing special, again no more so then any nation we have alliances with.

          I am neither a Zionist or Anti Zionist. I would ask you though lets run a mental scenario. Let’s say the SHTF in the US, a Hitler like figure arose in the North American continent. And instead of targeting Jews he targeted Mormons. Millions killed in camps just like Hitler did. Say some other nations came and liberated the Americas and said, “the Mormons should have a homeland” and when they reestablished government in the US they said, Utah is the historical home of Mormons, so Utah is now a sovereign nation and any Mormon can go there.

          Additionally many of the non Mormons have to leave or move into a specific area of Utah. Would you think that was okay?

          If not, aside from any religious beliefs how is it different?

        • .

          @ Jack

          With respect.
          Everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinion.

          But Truth is Truth. Based on facts, -not opinion, not spin, not variations of a point of view….and to me, a half-truth is the worst kind of lie.

          Just as you ‘basically’ implied concerning your recent run-in with a certain producer,
          – ‘to even INFER that “compromising integrity” is acceptable , turned your stomach. Lying, deception, spinning the truth, misrepresentation for personal gain, was just plain WRONG in your view.’
          Truth is the doorway to integrity. And I applaud you standing your ground.

          I certainly don’t mean to cause a scene here.
          But a recomendation, and links to Chris’s sites and videos was given.
          I went, I saw, I came back and commented.

          You told me to use care when using the word truth…
          And ,
          “The reality is many of your views you see as “truth” are not they are opinions. Israel is a touchy subject I stay off it because I see it as nothing special, again no more so then any nation we have alliances with.”

          ….Perhaps these statements should be passed on to Chris.
          It is Chris who is repeatedly using the word “truth” in his titles, videos, and in his comments.

          “Truth Never Told” – youtube channel & in videos,

          “The Greatest Truth Never”,

          Author: Silver Shield
          Comment: I have a saying that I made up when I started my journey of truth…
          Listen to all.
          Follow none.
          Walk your own path the best that you can.
          As long as people are open minded and looking for truth there is nothing wrong with listening to someone you don’t 100% agree with.

          (also here)
          Author: Silver Shield
          Comment: When you’re one step ahead of the crowd you’re a genius.
          When you’re two steps ahead, you’re a crackpot.

          All truth passes through three stages.
          First, it is ridiculed.
          Second, it is violently opposed.
          Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
          -Arthur Schopenhauer

          Society is in the first stage.
          I am at the last… waiting patiently.

          Sounds like narcism to me.
          I personally will always seek the truth- without compromise.
          And I will absolutely listen to all “opinion”, and voice my own.
          But when I see well ducumented events “spun” into opinion, labeled as truth, I have to call it out. Don’t care who it is, Left, Right , Middle, GWB, Obama, etc.
          That’s all I have to say on the matter.

    • Backwoods, there is a huge difference between not supporting Rothschild Zionism, and being anti-Semitic. Zionism is a political movement. Not all Jews are Zionist. I highly encourage you to educate yourself, think outside the box and become part of the solution rather than a part of the problem.

      • @traderspartan, you know what really woke me up on this? When I learned how many Rabbis were not Zionists. I have a very hard time seeing a Rabbi as an anti Semite.

        I mean how can anyone call these groups Anti Semites?

        It made me pause and go, hmmm, well, um, ah, yea. Perhaps this is another lie main stream has fed me. It was long ago btw.

  13. @Backwoods, OK man I have let you go long enough withOUT even listening to the show. Either listen or don’t but this witch hunt ends now or I am shutting you down. You are taking things out of context, go learn or give it a rest.

    • Jack, I took the bet.

      Yeah, it was a good show.

      You win 🙂 I owe you 5 years of MSB. Can I pay that over a 5-year period? 🙂

      If you knew me personally, you’d know I am pretty cynical, but when I hear truth , I embrace it. While I don’t agree with many of Chris’s views stated on his website (sounds like you don’t either), he has some great ideas.

      Being an electronics engineer whose designs use silver industrially, I agree with Chris that silver is very undervalues vis-a-vis gold. A lot of silver is indeed in landfills and industrial waste. Someday, that stuff may be “mined”, but not before the collapse of the dollar.

      I share Chris’s hope that alloidial land title could be purchased once local/county/state governments are desperate for physical wealth. I think it’s better to own some land now, and learn how to work it, growing food, and learn how to be self-sufficient even while we have to pay property tax. That’s what you’ve always taught us. Maybe Chris is talking about not owning _investment_ land, vs. land you live on. Not being an investor, I wouldn’t know about that.

      Chris is right about getting out of the large urban enclaves before the dollar dies. He did surprise me by identifying Ohio and North Carolina as potential “retreat” locations, as you are more into the western part of the country. However, I do agree with Chris in that I think there are areas that are topologically protected from “Golden Horde” behavior in the Eastern US; the “zombie” types are lazy and don’t want to climb mountains and go through forests.

      Anyway, Jack, I hope you’re still not sore with me.

      • @Backwoods Engineer

        Thank you for giving it a shot and you don’t owe me anything. It was a one sided bet because I already knew what the outcome was going to be. One has no need of hedging such bets.

        I would challenge you further if you are up for it. Go watch or even just listen to the greatest truth never told and I would bet you agree with 80% or more and I also bet that you will better understand the statements you opposed and at least not see them the way you do now. You may still disagree but you will see things in a different light.

        Think about it this way, two people look at a engineering design, one has a full mathematical understanding and the other is like me, smart but hasn’t seen an algebra problem other than for brewing beer since high school. Would not the two have valid opinions but one have a completely different fundamental understanding of the situation? Would not I possibly completely misunderstand some of the components where an engineer such as yourself might just see them as self evident. And if you were speaking from one engineer to another and I was a bystander isn’t possible that I might get a completely wrong picture of what the two of you are building?

  14. Sorry, Jack. Go ahead and delete my comments if you want.

    I am a dedicated listener since Ep 59, and a founding member of the MSB. I believe in your should and what you’re doing. I realize not every guest will be my cup of tea. Yeah, I should give it a listen before commenting.

    • @Backwoods, I HAVE NO INTENTION of deleting what you posted. All I am saying is you are going on and on about someone you haven’t even listened to yet. So either listen and actually comment on the post and the podcast or give it a rest at this point.

      Make you a bet, listen to this podcast and if you don’t feel you were at least a little off base I will extend that MSB for five years for free. Or don’t listen and respect the fact that I let you have your say but just simply got to a point were if you ain’t going to listen to the other side you have said enough. I find my stance very fair. I also think you will be SHOCKED if you listen.

  15. Really enjoyed todays show. Having just about no debt, no house payment (own), no car payment(own payed cash), no credit cards, I have been investing an average of 300-500 a month in silver.

    Thanks Jack, for the great shows on improving on ones self

  16. I have to listen to this a couple more times to get my (not-very-bright) head around the fine points, but it’s more or less what my gut has been telling me for a long time.

    If things do shake out as Chris predicts I hope there will be some window of opportunity between being able to nuke ones mortgage with inflated $$$ before the @#$% feds do what Jan says and outlaw early payoffs – and you know that’s exactly what the bloodsucking bastards WILL do.

    • @LJH – I hear you. There is a lot of info contained within what Chris is talking about. As I have come to educate myself a great deal more, there are little points that I disagree with, but generally, his message is sincere and the information is accurate.

      Listen to the TSP where Jack has Tom Kowitz (Baldy) on, and watch Jack’s video where he explains debt-backed-currency. Also, search YouTube for Mike Maloney’s GoldSilver videos. Happy sleuthing.

  17. Wow, that is powerful stuff. One of the best podcasts that I have listened to on TSP. Keep up the good work.

  18. Question for Chris: what’s your take on platinum & palladium? I’ve given serious thought to platinum since recently it has been cheaper than gold whereas it is traditionally more expensive. I’m sure you obviously like silver better… 😉 but how about those two vs. gold for potential gain in hyperinflation?

    Another question: you mention you don’t think we have 6 years left & that when it happens it will be quick. What is your best guess for the time of dollar death? I heard John Williams of ShadowStats say 2014 in an interview yesterday.

    Thanks much for taking the time to respond on this page, means a lot to us.

    • I like them better than gold but I feel the silver story is more convincing as silver is vastly cheaper and has been used more as money than anything else other in history.

      No one knows when…
      I would rather be 7 years too early than 1 day too late.

  19. @Backwoods Engineer,

    Just my 2 cents. I think this episode is worth listening to, and really didn’t delve into some of the things that you are finding objectionable.

    Not that my opinion should mean anything to you, but I think a lot of what Chris said in this interview is worth hearing, even if you don’t ultimately agree. The stuff on Silver alone is interesting.

    Again–my two cents–I think some of the other views he espoused (on his YouTube channel) are ones that I think are simplifications that have grown in popularity, and ones I don’t agree with (in degree at least). That’s ok–he can have those views, and I don’t need to agree with them. Nor do you.

    • I listened to it. It was a good interview, and he had a lot of good advice about building community and the value of silver.

      • @Backwoods Engineer,

        That’s much the same reaction I had. I’m leaning towards agreeing with you on the other issues he talks about on his Youtube Channel.

        Briefly, It isn’t that I think there is nothing valid in what he’s saying about America’s intervention across the world, but I think there is a group-think sort of mindset that has developed that (from what I’ve been hearing) isn’t really balancing reality with idealism. And honestly, it is seeming to veer into tin-foil hatism in some ways.

        In short–what I’d PREFER happen, and what happens for very real reasons are two different things. A lot of this depends on a conspiratorial mindset that doesn’t hold water in my view. I don’t want to lay this on Chris Duane, because as I said–I think this mindset has sort of grown and is on display in many places.

        It is a lot like most conspiracies–it DOES have a basis in truth, but then it goes off-rail and keeps going, expanding and attributing motivations to shadowy cabals that are difficult if not impossible to prove. Is there more than we hear about on the MSM? Sure.

        Back to the good. I think a lot of what Chris says is good advice, whether or not the reasoning he uses to explain why we are in the reality we are. The advice addresses reality, so that makes it valuable in my view. Predictions…well, those are what they are.

  20. Wow. Chris is such a machine. I’ve heard him interviewed before when he gets a head of steam, but now that his knowledge and presentation style is so honed, he can really take off. Jack, awesome job on giving Chris the space to share while still piping in with your own opinions.

    Anyway, I had been wondering why Chris had not been on TSP before, and I was really close to getting off of my duff and filling out the form to submit him as a guest, etc. Looks like some of you good people beat me to the punch.

    I like TSP a lot, and my favorite episodes are often related to finance, economics, investing, etc. I also like DTOM (Dont Tread On Me) a lot too but I have not gone as deep with it as I have with TSP. Kudos to both of you, Jack and Chris. This was a really great episode. Along with Mike Maloney, the two of you guys have had a great influence on me in the last few years.

    Chris – I’d like to encourage you to invite Jack on for a DTOM video or editorial section once in a while. There is definitely a prepper theme on the DTOM blog, and I think the DTOM audience would respond well to Jack.

    • I think a show for my audience with Jack would be great.

      We tend to be silver guys and only delve in Survival stuff.

      I think the two communities have a lot to offer each other.

  21. Chris thanks for coming on the TSP. Guys lets not get caught up in the splitting of hairs in the difference between metal holdings. Let’s not forgtet why we are even having these conversations. OUR COUNTRY is sinking! I went to Chris’s site, the sons of liberty academy. Chris has done a great job on putting together some material to help unlock some of that gray matter between our ears…’s free.

    We will do far better if we help wake up our neighbors, friends, family, and build bonds in the community.

    Thanks Jack for everything you do.


    • I have a saying that I made up when I started my journey of truth…

      Listen to all.
      Follow none.
      Walk your own path the best that you can.

      As long as people are open minded and looking for truth there is nothing wrong with listening to someone you don’t 100% agree with.

  22. The comment section is hot tonight! I just came to say that I watched the 5 reasons American riots will be the worst randomly off Reddit a couple days ago. I wasn’t familiar with Chris prior to that.

    Great video and great interview.

  23. This guy is great. Ive already found his stuff on youtube before. It hit me while listening. Holy crap this is the guy making all the videos. Im going to have to listen to this one a second time.

  24. Jack – Like what Chris had 2 say but I looked up Alloidal land.. only see 2 states that support the concept. I heard of something called a land patent vs. land title.. but cannot find any legal precedence for it.. If you could find a guest that could explain the laws of land ownership – outright ownership that is – it would make an awesome show. Thanks!

    • @Justin, my take is Chris feels when the dollar collapses many states will be open to cut deals to bail themselves out. If silver, gold, copper, beans, bullets, etc become currency they will have buying power when the states are strapped. It is reasonable to assume they would dump paper saying they own land for what they can get and give up taxes on said property vs. hold it and get nothing. Or perhaps do it under a time based tax free contract, etc.

      Will it happen, I am not as optimistic as Chris but under the right circumstances I can see it occurring.

    • I would not pursue an Allodial title while this paradigm is still kicking.
      In the Ultimate Exit Strategy, I theorize that silver owners will be able to strike deals with desperate local governments for prime property.
      Along with that you can get deals where they won’t tax your land like an economic development zone or a church gets tax breaks.
      Heck we may be able to incorporate our own city.

      Nothing is certain, but I believe is constantly looking over the horizon to see where to go.

      • Chris, I share your hope that once the paradigm changes, local/county/state gov’t are going to be desperate enough to grant allodial title to land.

        Isn’t it possible, though, that if they would grant allodial title to new purchases of land, wouldn’t they also grant allodial title to pre-owned land for the right price (i.e., right amount of real wealth)? If so, then land we own now could become that much more valuable.

        • My fear between now and then that local governments will become more rapacious in their effort to sustain the unsustainable and tax the hell out of current land owners.

          We all saw property taxes rise in the housing bubble but they have not dropped along with the collapse in prices.

          This will leave a lot of local governments with lots of confiscated land based off of unpaid taxes.

          Land that will be a burden on the cities as they depreciate and become a blight to development.

          Then they will get the bright idea to sell that land at low prices and tax abatement to attract growth and that is when we will come in offering real money and a plan to develop the land sustainably with honest money and honest people.

  25. The silver to gold ratio is a great point but we have a few other areas that need to be brought into play as well. The fact that Silver is used in numerous daily products today so it has more demand then just currency. Also the reported short sales of silver which could cause silver to spike if people decided to go after the hard asset rather then paper silver.

    • In a recent paper silver raid the manipulative banks sold 856 paper ounces of silver that they DO NOT have for ever 1 ounce they claim they have in their Registered vaults.

      This fraud and manipulation is done to suppress the price of silver, a competing store of value to the dollar.

      This will end one day when they cannot push the physical market around and they cannot deliver on what they promise.

      I believe this will coincide with a dollar crisis and that all of the gold in Fort Knox is gone as it has not been audited in 50 years…

      When you see nations like Germany, Switzerland and Venezuela taking their gold out of the US and London, we are getting close to a real big event.

      Please watch my Silver Bullet and Silver Shield series on YouTube for more info…

      • Except I won’t sell you $2,000 secret stock tips to keep you in the paper paradigm. 😉

  26. Ok, so I am not sure if Chris Duane is bat poop crazy or down right prophetic. Never the less I hauled my cookies over to The Silver and Gold Shop (.com) and looked at Silver. Then I realized I have no idea what I am looking at. Do I only buy the coin produced by the US mint? If I buy other coins that are not made by the Mint will anyone challenge me on their authenticity and content? What are commonly accepted silver coins? What to stay away from? The US mint coin says $1 on it, but its $40 based on silver content; what does that mean?

    I think we need a show on this…

    • Good questions Mark L. I wouldn’t have a clue as to what to buy. If it was not for The Silver and Gold Shop I wouldn’t have a clue as to where to buy. I often wonder if jewelry would count too. So much to learn.

    • When you’re one step ahead of the crowd you’re a genius.
      When you’re two steps ahead, you’re a crackpot.

      All truth passes through three stages.
      First, it is ridiculed.
      Second, it is violently opposed.
      Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
      -Arthur Schopenhauer

      Society is in the first stage.
      I am at the last… waiting patiently.

      Most coins are minted and have marks to their purity and its value is based off of that.

      I have invested in every single type of silver EXCEPT numismatic coins as they are a huge rip off in my opinion.

      I feel the best form to invest in silver is pre 1964 90% American dimes, quarters, half dollars and dollars.

      Most call it “junk” silver. I choose to call it a more positive name, Constitutional Silver because that is what it is since the value of the dollar from our Revolution is based off of 371.25 grains of silver is a dollar.

      Right now it has the lowest premium (Price over the total silver content) most divisible (great for survival and barter economies) and is widely recognized as real money.

      The best place to buy these coins is through Craigslist, gun shows and local coin shops, but for bigger purchases check out Drew is a good friend of mine and has the best service and prices. (I have no formal affiliation with him, he is just a really good guy.) You can inquire about a purchase at

      • @Silver Shield,

        OR when the 2nd step ahead doesn’t come true, you (not YOU Chris) are still a crackpot.

        I’m not saying that your predictions aren’t going to happen, or that you are a crackpot, only that everyone called a crackpot for stating the “truth” doesn’t end up being vindicated. In fact, I suspect most never are vindicated, because there is no shortage of prognosticators for all sorts of things–mostly doom and gloom.

        It is very popular these days, and as such–requires an increasing amount of consideration on the part of those listening. There are a lot of people out there predicting all sorts of crazy things, and they’re wrong all the time too.

        As I said in another post, it is very easy to leap onto a bandwagon of one sort or another, because someone offers a convincing, well-stated argument. None of this is intended to insult you or your views, so please don’t take it that way.

        In any case–I do appreciate the efforts you’ve put into providing information and advice to people. I think you make a lot of good points.

      • “I feel the best form to invest in silver is pre 1964 90% American dimes, quarters, half dollars and dollars.”

        In this, you agree with James Wesley Rawles, who is very respected in the survival/prepper community.

      • @Chris,

        Why do you refer to American Coins as not being Numismatic. Are you referring to only those coins that are of so low numismatic grade that their value outside of the silver content is nil?

        Many of these coins are collectable and thus have an inflated value above the silver value.

        • @KAM I think he means anything you don’t pay a numismatic premium on isn’t numismatic. Not that you might not find something with said value in your bag of coins from Apmex or what have you.

    • @Mark – First, dont panic. 🙂

      Second – take your time and do your homework before you buy anything. You can buy ingots (silver bars), coins minted by various Government mints, ’rounds’ minted by various private mints (they cant call them ‘coins’ because that is a term that is associated with national currency, so they call them rounds). Or you can buy ‘junk silver’ which Chris and DTOM has renamed ‘Constitutional Silver’ – which, btw – is a good and proper name…I dont like the term junk silver either.

      Jack has a number of shows on silver, and embedded within those shows are a lot of the basic concepts of buying physical silver. I encourage you to search TSP and go back listen to some of the older episodes.

      Oh, and although I have not dealt with Silver & Gold – the TSP audience is crazy over their service. You probably cant go wrong doing business with them.

      Just remember – take your time, do your homework, and *try* to make this a pleasurable learning experience as you gradually buy some silver. Everything that you do to prepare today should make your life better, even if nothing ever goes wrong. 🙂

      • Thanks for all the replies. I am especially grateful when Jack’s guests stick around on the blog and answer questions. I’ll take a look at all the sources quoted. I also found and listened to a Survival Podcast from a few years back were Jack addresses most of my questions. A wonderful resource for sure.

  27. Thank you both for a great balanced discussion on the subject. Where can I buy, and what silver should I buy? Coins or the little blocks? I will be starting at under $500.

    Thanks for all you both do
    ps been listening since oct 2011 have started my pantry, loaded bob, and own business all last year.

  28. Very interesting show! I’m a fairly new listener. I am out of debt now besides my mortgage ($72k left). We have about 6 months worth of living expenses in savings ($12,000). I can save about $500 a month, maybe more. My question is…what should we do now? I’m sort of confused. So many people have differing opinions. Should we continue to save into savings? Sounds like that might not be the best idea when the dollar falls. But at the same time, what if it takes a long time to fall and in the mean time, I lose my job? I would had wanted to have that savings. Should we just stick to 6 months of cash savings and then invest the rest in commodities and such? Or should we even have 6 months of cash savings at all and reinvest that? Keep in mind, we don’t have any sort of “retirement” accounts, if that even matters.

    Thanks for the show and the knowledge, I’m constantly learning!

    • @Jardon, stick around and keep listening. I am pretty ballanced and try to take away as much confusion as I can. Tune into todays episode for my thoughts on silver and why I don’t advocate all in. I believe in diversity. I would personally begin buying some silver if I were you but not 500 a month. Perhaps 200 a month or may be 400 every other month as larger purchases have lower unit costs. But that is me you have to decide for yourself. I can say this though when you said…

      “But at the same time, what if it takes a long time to fall and in the mean time, I lose my job? I would had wanted to have that savings.”

      You are thinking very clearly and logically. If you have cash and if you keep an eye on things you can convert more as you see the need. In a break down in stage one cash is king and we DO NOT get to know how long that stage is going to last. So we need to think smart and build up our self reliance far more than store silver or cash or any form of money. Those are important but focus on individual freedom above all that is smart prepping.

  29. @Everyone,

    Just a thought. I’ve been watching a lot of things many people would characterize as “doom and gloom” regarding the economy and the world. For whatever reason, I think a lot of Prepper-types are drawn to that sort of thing, because it is a form of validation for preparing for things “getting bad.” I think everyone seeks validation to some degree.

    However, I think this can get pretty unhealthy too. That’s one reason I support TSP–Jack ALWAYS makes it clear that these are good things to do if things get bad OR EVEN IF THEY DON’T.

    In a sort of twisted way, indulging ourselves in “knowing” bad things are coming is sort of comforting, but I think that can easily go too far. Like conspiracy theorists, it is very easy to get drawn into something that provides the easy answers as to why things AREN’T good. Oh, its the Federal Reserve, or an “Anglo-American Cabal” or whatever. Again–is there SOME truth to that? Sure, but I think it is very easy to get into the position of “righteous victim” or thinking “we know the REAL Truth.” I think it becomes very easy to find reasons for why everything bad, and ignoring the power we retain in our own lives to make our own lot better.

    Great to keep our minds open, but also good to always remember when one gets drawn into WANTING to believe something.

    That people like Chris promote positive things we can do is a good thing, and why it is worth listening to, even if I don’t agree with some of his other views.

      • @Silver Shield,

        No slight to your work, but this isn’t the sort of thing that resonates with me. Not that I have many arguments against what you say, but I feel I’ve got a pretty firm grasp on reality, who I am, and what I’m about.

        That being said, I listened to this along with hundreds and thousands of other things in my life that undoubtedly become some level of influence in my thinking, and perhaps my actions.


  30. When I saw the title of this episode I wasn’t terribly interested however within 5 minutes of listening I was hooked! Great podcast! I feel like I have taken the red pill and there is no going back…it is a little scary and I often think if my head was still in the sand life might be easier. This episode did overwhelm me as I am fairly new to the prepper community and want to get everything done yesterday! I have a long way to go but try to do something, even something small, everyday to contribute to my self-reliance and preparedness.
    Thank you for all that you do and the tools that you provide this community!!

  31. @TrekFanDan, this is a new thread on your last comment in re about Truth. That tree has gone so long I am starting a new one. All I am going to say is listen to today’s show.

    Truth and opinion are different. 2 + 2 = 4 is a truth. Many of the things you are arguing are far more opinion. Yes that will be hard to accept in text here but I would encourage you to listen to episode 864 and then we can rejoin this discussion there.

    Most of the hot button stuff going on in this episode DOES NOT have anything to do with the content of this episode.

    One place Chris and I agree, the first step is always denial.

  32. great show, great guest. I like when guests participate with the community after the show.

  33. Great show Jack. I’ve listened on and off for about 2 years and this was one of the best for big picture thinking about the future.

    Chris, I think I listened to several your videos and have to say I had a hard time disputing your points. Reminds me of . Any connection? Thanks for making me think. Also I find the navigation of sons of liberty confusing and buggy.

  34. Wow. I loved the show- and now these interesting comments – very thought-provoking, and challenging. Remember Jack always says ‘if you agree with EVERYTHING I say, you’re probably not thinking for yourself.” I almost forgot that a rational, spirited, honest & respectful debate & discussion, with people of differing views could occur on the web! So many boards, everyone is preaching to the choir, and the minute any slight differing view pops in they stomp it out immediately. But of course, Jack you have created a great community of people who don’t have resort to calling people names, like ‘lib-tards’, ‘conserva-nazis’, femi-nazis’, using racism, etc. This is why I come here & listen to TSP. People who disagree here are not concerned about putting the other guy down & proving ‘I’M RIGHT DAMMIT!”, but in learning & using this thing we call a brain for critical thinking. Kudos. Your audience is top notch, and that reflects well on you Jack. And you are top notch, and I hope that reflects well on me for being a part of this community. So I will try to contribute even more when I can. Thanks to you all. There is hope for the future. [sorry to get so mushy!]

  35. GREAT interview!!and what a discussion it has spawned. I have to admit, I worked 13 hours last night and havent been able to read all the discussion, but skimming over it, I havent seen anyone mention that SIlver Shield used the year 1980 specifically to show an upside to the silver market…C’mon, Chris that was a fluke, that happened in ’80. I have a little silver and will buy more, but unless some unknown heir to the Hunt fortune decides to try to corner the market, like Grandad did, we arent likely to see that kind of spike. I still remember Mr. Hunt on the news quoted as saying “A billion dollars is not what it used to be!”

    Anyway, I gotta get some rest. You keep up the great work, Jack

  36. @Norm – Agreed that 1980 appears like a ‘fluke’ but watch the videos that Chris linked (in fact, because it is such an incredible story and because I’m kind of a ‘true crime’ junkie, those are some of my favorite DTOM videos). A lot to digest, and great food for thought.

  37. I just wanted to say that I think this was one of the best interviews you have done. To be clear I mean it was the best job I think you’ve done as the interviewer. All the questions you asked seemed to be well thought out, and relevant. The interview had “flow” (if I can use that term without sounding like a kook).
    I thought the gentleman you were interviewing was an interesting guest, and I enjoyed hearing his views (even if I don’t agree with everything he said).
    Keep up the good work sir 🙂

  38. What a great show!!!! The title didn’t excite me, but after reading the description I knew it would be interesting. At this time I definitely do not agree on putting everything in silver or any other single source, but Chris has wisdom way beyond just silver. Thanks for the great show Jack and Chris. I’ll be sure to check out Chris’s other sources.

  39. @SilverSsheild.

    I became a member of the Sons of Liberty a while back, but you are right…it was a little hard to get through and even really to start. I do appreciate the newer videos though.

    @ Jack,

    Great show. I’m going to headline this one on the site.


  40. Jack could you expand on why you and Chris do not recommend Real estate for investment please? Yall mentioned the low interest rates compared with the inflation rates. I am a realtor. I have been recommending to buy for investment. Thanks.

    • @Matthew from Gooseneck

      Make sure you don’t assume I agree with everything a guest says. Chris doesn’t recommend real estate for investment, that is his bag not mine. I can tell you why though. He is of the opinion that complete collapse is coming. Further he feels when said collapse occurs land and property will be dirt cheap so why pay a high price today for what will be cheap tomorrow? Mike Gaisor feels exactly the same way right now though his solution is hold cash because he doesn’t think the dollar will fall the way Chris does. They both agree don’t buy property right now though.

      I don’t really feel one way or the other. I would not buy land just to hold for now. I wouldn’t go into the rental property business right now because I HATE THAT BUSINESS but there is no doubt it is a damn good business right now.

  41. His description of the average persons life – come home depressed and watch TV – is spot on. It’s sad.

  42. I enjoyed the interview and spent much of my weekend watching Chris’s vidos on YouTube. I’ve got much food for thought. I find myself very glad I managed to buy a good deal of pre64 silver coin about 16 years ago. My grand father, got the urge to sell off his stash and enlisted me to take it to a local coin dealer who quoted him a low ball scrap silver price for all of it. I paid the old fellow off and kept it as I looked at it as a family heirloom type thing. Glad I did it. Jack keep up the good work. The wife and I are shooting for a early mortgage payoff by the end of the year. When I first started listening to you last year we had around $75K left on our 30 year note, purchased in 2000 or 2001. We are down to $51K right now and were are going to make a nice big principle payment @ the end of this month that should drop us below $40K. We’ve got about two months worth of salary saved on top of that as an emergency fund. I’ve been culling 30% from our net pay since about September of last year. It has been an interesting experiment simulating the loss of my salary all together. We’ve found that we can run the house and still get bills paid even if I am not bringing home a check. The wife is a pharmacist, so if she lost her job it would be a lot more painful but she’s pretty solid where she is right now. Thanks again for the good work and inspiration.

  43. Perhaps Chris is not so crazy…

    City May Sell Historic Landmarks

    BALTIMORE (WJZ) — More than a dozen historic landmarks in Baltimore may be up for sale soon.

    But as Gigi Barnett reports, the city first wants to know how much they will bring in first.

    The city says its historic buildings are a liability, an eyesore and a drain on its pockets.

    Baltimore’s Shot Tower was the tallest building in the nation back in 1828 and became a national historic landmark in the early 1970s. The city says it wants to know how much the Shot Tower is worth to a private developer.

    “We have some great properties in unique locations and we hope we can find the right kind of marriage to make it work,” said City Director of Planning Thomas Stosur…

    • There is a story about Utah sueing the Federal government to get back all of the Federal land they have taken from Utah.

      This is coming and will get worse.

      Only those that are aware and prepared will be able to take advantage of this.

  44. One thing I wondered through this episode, is whether the guest’s “very wealthy” upbringing and background have anything to do with his views today. I realize that he clearly stated he is reacting to how he feels about the source of his family’s money. On the other hand, where you come from shapes you, whether because you embrace it or run away from it. Do you think this guest would have reached the same conclusions coming from a blue-collar background? Curious as to whether anyone else had a similar reaction.

    • Elizabeth,

      Very poignant question and it really got me thinking. First my family was not always wealthy. May father worked for GM for 15 years as a manager and we were very middle class. It was not until he bought his first dealership in 87 and much later did I see the wealth come in. I also personally witnessed the fear of losing everything come into every decision and the amounts of sharks that started to circle us. This brought on a very defensive mentality and ultimately a predator mentality.

      I also moved a lot when I was a child I think we moved 13 times in 14 years. I was always the new kid and became a very keen observer at a very early age which led me to wonder why people acted the way that we do.

      I think the big ah ah that I had circling in the top 1% is how much a total illusion all of their wealth and power is and how much of it depends upon those that enable the system to put up with their behavior. I can tell you the majority of what goes on behind closed doors at the highest levels is not how to build a better product, write better laws, or how to win a war. To those at the top it is ALL about selling it to you.

      That is where we must realize how much power we have to walk away from the system.

      I hope my work enable more of those that enable the systems of debt and death to say this does not resonate with me and I will no longer actively or passively support your efforts.

      Thank you for a very good question.

    • @Elizabeth,

      Let me add to Chris’ response. I am about 90-95% in agreement with him on not just silver but most of what I have read and listened to thus far on his sites. My family was and is largely poor. I am likely the most successful (financially) of our entire family. I had to literally kill myself to get where I am.

      I know many people that share my beliefs some have a similar background, some are the absolute text book example of upper middle class for multiple generations and some are from wealthy families (both old or new wealth) and yet they all come to the same conclusions.

      The key here is 10 years ago if you would have told me most of what Chris and I are saying today (other than basic preparedness and homesteading) I would have denied it, it would have been impossible to believe.

      When one starts this exploration many things seem absolutely impossible, when you research them though you confirm them. Often the confirmation comes from the very entity that has been lying to you for years.

      The Federal Reserve is a good example. They tell you that money is real, that it is created based on an honest system. Then Chris and I tell you that money is NOTHING BUT DEBT plus interest and as such if all debts were paid there would be no money left in existence. To the person new to this it sounds insane, Jack and Chris are tin hat nutters! Yet if a person were to research this they would find that the Federal Reserve has itself stated,

      “In a fractional reserve banking system if no one owed anyone else any money, no money would exist”.

      And as you keep going the truth stops becoming something that can’t be true and simply becomes a discovery process. Your economic or political background may shape your opinion of fact but it won’t change facts.

    • I can 2nd what Silver Shield is saying about ‘peeking behind the curtain’. I worked for a couple of years with an ambassador who wrote the propaganda plan for NAFTA. We got along pretty well, and he quite plainly told me ‘We decide what we want to do, and then we sit down and figure out how to sell it. Morality and truth don’t come into it, we’ll do or say whatever it takes to get what we want.’

      There are well meaning people in the world, but you’re more likely to find them working in their garden or playing with their children. You’ll find very few of them in the halls of power.

      ‘I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.’

      • Jack and Chris,
        Thank you both for such thoughtful answers. I really appreciate how much listening to this podcast has made me examine and challenge the beliefs I was raised in. Some I have kept, some I have discarded. Was it Emerson who said the unexamined life is not worth living? I certainly have been examining at least my views and beliefs since I started listening.

  45. Jerry | March 28, 2012 at 10:13 am | Reply

    Very interesting ideas and good job with the interview Jack. I also share the Warren Buffet opinion that “diversification is the only free lunch”.

    Chris, my nagging question is…If silver is such a great value today, why do you want to sell me your silver in exchange for my (soon to be) worthless dollars?


    I have never sold one ounce of silver and have only bought it at every chance that I get. Most of the silver sellers I know save in silver but never sell their own as they act as market makers and make the spread.

    The dollars I do make first go to pay bills that unfortunately I have but I can assure you that I am the only person I know that has 100% of my mouth in physical silver.

  46. Thanks for the follow up Silver Shield. It’s possible I misheard….I thought you mentioned in one of your videos that, a Silver sales site was your business. Regardless, given your large body of work on the topic, it’s clear that you’re fully committed to your opinions and position, which I appreciate and respect. That said, part of our responsibility as self reliant preppers is to consider the source on any and all information, as these days truth and transparency are more rare than precious metals.

    I know a lot the folks on the forum follow Peter Schiff, myself included. I can’t argue with many of his viewpoints. I’ve read a couple of his books including “Crash Proof” in which most of the text is devoted to describing the “how we got into this mess”. Only the last chapter offers any actionable advice, of which the main suggestion is “call my company (Euro-Pac) and buy gold from me”. Not a complete show stopper, but it made me review his subsequent work in a different light.

    • No I am very good friends with the owner of and we did collaborate on the site, but I have no ownership of that site or company.

      I have definitely put my money where my mouth is when it comes to silver.

      I believe I am about as an open book as they come and I welcome all criticism or questions, as I think I demonstrated on this post.

      I would love to do a Q and A if you guys think it is worth it.

      I start out my The Greatest Truth Never Told series with a bit of advice…

      “Listen to all. Follow none. Walk your own path the best that you can.”

  47. Elizabeth,

    I am glad this had an impact on you.

    Not only is your life and beliefs worth questioning…
    It is vitally important to do it before the collapse of the dollar.

    Everyone is going to have a lot of time and reason to evaluate what they have been doing here on earth.

    Unfortunately, they won’t be able to do much about the past only try to salvage a future from a much lower base.


  48. So, just listened to this episode for a third time (it was that good) and came in the house, clicked on the RT News and a story on South Tirol seeking to buy it’s independence from Italy for 15 billion Euros. This seems to be an actualization of Chris Duane’s assertion of buying large pieces of municipalities or counties with silver and setting up a different paradigm.

  49. @ Chris Duane

    Chris, I listened to this interview for the second time today. I really appreciate your passion and the work you have done.

    My question is concerning being invested in land. I understand your point of not purchasing land as an investment right now. However, some of us lucky schlocks have our inheritance in land, already bought and paid for. I’m not investing any new dollars into the purchase of the land, only in improving the property and infrastructure for our business (small scale sustainable farming).

    I’m curious about your take on how one would best preserve this asset. We have way more than a homestead required to provide some of our basic needs, as our acres number in the hundreds. Is your advice to sell a portion of the land and sink that into silver? Or perhaps just to have silver in case the opportunity for alodial title becomes available from the county. Just curious. I don’t have any plans to sell off large tracts of property, and I realize my situation is unique but I’m interested in getting your spin on it.

    Thanks for a wonderful interview.

    • Noooo! Don’t sell any of that land!

      How about rent some of it to someone who wants to try out sustainable farming and use THAT money to buy silver. In all hyperinflation events, food production has been THE place to be (well, that and currency speculation).

      😉 p.s. I realize I’m not Silver Shield..

      • No intent to sell more than 5 acres, just curious to get his take. And I agree, food production is the place to be which is why I’m busting my tail building fence right now. We own the land, and the grass is free. Long term goal is to breed and raise lots of ruminants!

    • Like I said in the interview, we all need to have a castle to defend and a sustainable property is great.

      I would just like people to recognize that we are far from hitting the bottom in real estate. Properties are artificially supported by long terms and low rates. And that when this collapse happens there will be no credit markets and what is that property valued as a cash sale in a disruptive society.

      Silver on the other hand is so far undervalued and will perform the best during times of trouble.

      I have one real estate developer dumping his last $5 million properties and putting a significant amount of that into silver based off of my work.

      Others like myself have kept the property I live in and decided to take the legalized theft of 30 years at3.9% while inflation is running at 10% and silver has returned about 25% a year for me.

      One day I will either pay off that mortgage with a few ounces if we have a hyperinflation or in a massive deflation stick the bank with the property.