Episode-1570- Dr. Steven and Janet Lewis on the Link Between Soil and Human Health — 8 Comments

  1. Thank you Jack for the opportunity to talk again on your show. Your listeners are by far the most consistent and responsible people Janet and I deal with. The most important thing a person can have in order to save themselves and their piece of the world is to have hope, faith, and courage and I very much appreciate you for covering the mental and spiritual aspect!

  2. Always good to hear fellow East Texas on TSP! Great info Dr. Stephen and Janet. I agree, we need to cultivate the soil to get the best food. And it’s something we can all do in our own backyards, no need to wait on someone else! Get started now!!!!

  3. I used to have severe anxiety and depression, like all through high school I would get home and just want to curl up and not think because it would hurt mentally.

    Then I cut out grains, started eating real meat and tons of fat, and I had a complete 180 degree turn around.

    It works.

  4. Dr. Lewis mentioned me but he left out one important fact. Everything I have learned about soil and growing nutritious plants, I learned over the last 6 years listening to TSP.

    Thanks to Jack for opening our eyes and teaching us so much. And thanks to Dr. Lewis for making us healthier.

  5. Was listening to this and being a “vegan” patient of Dr. Lewis I scrambled to find more information on AGE’s since the topic didn’t come up in our consultation. This could have been because I was told I was in the top 1% of good test results Dr. Lewis ever seen or could have just been an oversight.

    I am very pleased with the professionalism of Dr. Lewis and his recommendations and continue to recommend them to everyone I feel is ready to accept the advice.

    My B12 needed to be a little higher (was 550ish) and my D3 wasn’t too hot and there was indications of minor toxicity (read plastics). I am due for another follow up test having been taken the multivitamin and D3 (ADK) supplements now for months.

    I have been vegan for 14 years and continue to modify my diet to avoid “food like” substances and eat better. I don’t try to convert anyone but those who ask me for advice I tell them the same thing:
    If you are going to eat meat / eggs /dairy eats sources where supplemental feed is non-GMO and minimal (preferably prairie raised);
    Start drinking at least 64 floz of water a day;
    Prepare 90% of your own food and avoid “food-like” substances;
    Increase fiber intake by eating a wide variety of vegetables (focusing on 7-9 types a day);
    If you are going vegan or vegetarian pick up a nutrition book so you don’t miss something important in your diet (take responsibility for yourself as I am not a nutritionist);
    If you are going vegan be sure to eat at minimal 2000 calories a day with a mix of nuts, seeds, pseudo-grains, oats, legumes, beans and avoid all Corn and Soy (less fermented like temphe / natto / miso);
    Exercise regularly even if this just means going on a 30 minute walk each day to start.

    I consider science experiment we call bread, as much as I love it, a food-like substance. That stated I do consume alcohol to taste never to excess from many sources but mainly mead, wine, beer, and sake.

    With these general guidelines I have seen meat eaters, and newly turned vegans and vegetarians, ALL loose substantial amounts of weight and ALL feel significantly better in life. The newly turned vegans tend to loose slightly more a week than the other groups but they all loose excess weight every week. (note all of these individuals are over 200lbs and I offer advice to about 14 people at work now)

    Those food-like substances are killer, as are the chemicals we put on our foods. I have plans to buy property in the next 5 years and start growing more of my own food so I can have an even better diet. I have taken 2 PDC’s and several of Dr. Ingham’s classes in preparation for this migration to ensure I hit the ground running.

    On the topics of AGE’s I came across this table of AGE’s in foods (first study to measure them):

    • There is still some debate about the effect of dietary AGEs vs internal production by the body( – see headings “Impact of Reducing Exposure To Ages On Aging Phenotypes” and “Counterpoint and Alternative Explanations”), but dietary AGEs do have evidence of negative effects in humans as the article discusses, and generally animal based products, even more so when cooked, are highest in dietary AGEs based upon this the study you mention(bacon is the worst when fried). As a general rule (beyond) organic, raw, whole foods are the way to go. I think the people who are vegetarian with deficiency likely have gluten/wheat allergies to full blow celiac disease which can cause significant nutritional deficiency; this is what likely effects Dr. Lewis perception of vegetarians since people who are healthy are not generally visiting a medical practioner of any kind frequently.

      • If you read the absolutely damning and conclusive research by Dr. Greg Ellis on AGEs in “The Glycation Factor” you will realize all such debate is nonsense.

        The book is free to all MSB by the way. It is in the download area of the MSB if you are a member.