Episode-685- Dr. Eric Wilke on Survival Medicine — 17 Comments

  1. Thank you! This is an excellent podcast…. as always…. but this one was really really good.

  2. I think that is one of the must usefull shows that you have done. I enjoy a lot of your shows and learn from everyone. But this show I learned a lot. Thank You.

  3. Great show! What is the name of that book he recommended? The one for the layman. When there is no Doctor or something like that.

  4. There is a book called… “Where There is no Doctor” and there is also “Where there is no Dentist”

  5. I researched further and found the publisher’s site with all the good books. You can download them for free if you want. They do good work and have saved many lives.

  6. Great show. Dr. Wilke was right on. As a former SF Army medic, then civilian paramedic in both a large urban then smaller rural system I couldn’t have agreed with him more. Great job. Focused on the non-‘sexy’ aspects of medicine: clean water, diarrhea, staying healthy, etc. I’m now a big fan of Dr. Wilke & will continue to follow him & learn from him.

  7. It sounds like the insulin discussed was the same, or similar, to what I use. I use two different pen insulins. As it sounds, they look like a large pen, including a cap. They are basically the vial and syringe in one unit. All that is changed is the needle for each injection. The two that I use are disposable pens, but I understand that there are some versions available that are reusable by replacing the vial of insulin.
    The catch though, is that these are not completely without the need for refrigeration. They are supposed to be stored in the fridge until you start using a pen. After you start using it, they are supposed to be good for about 30 days at normal temps. IIRC, the paperwork says not to let the pens get about 85-90 degrees or so. They are also not supposed to be frozen. The big advantage of these new pens is that they don’t need to be constantly chilled. My understanding is that some of the older insulins should not be allowed to ever come even to room temp.
    If there is a newer insulin out there that doesn’t need refrigeration at all, I’d love to hear about it.

  8. Dr. Wilke mentioned that the Shelf Life Extension Program links are gone from the internet. Perhaps a Freedom of Information Act request would produce the documents. Just an idea…..

  9. I have wondered the same thing about FOIA access on the study, but I figure with how many people have said they want to read it that at least a few requests have been submitted. I’m curious if it might be found on one of the internet archive sites. From what Dr. Wilke said, it sounds like it was out there at one point so it might be archived somewhere. Just need to know where to look.

  10. There is an herbalist/wisewoman named Susun Weed, who can be researched online and also who might be open to an interview. Thanks for the great information in this interview.

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