Episode-28- The Importance of Documention of Survival and Evacuation Plans — 4 Comments

  1. Good show. I am in fact doing alot of what you talked about, so it was good to hear anothers points of view.

    In addition to documentation I think it is also a good idea to keep a copy of your docs/plans on a laptop. I carry mine with me to work and if I go out of town. Plus I keep three spare batteries charged to go in my bug out bag.

    A desktop is ok, but if you need to remain mobile, having a portable computer with some extra power can only be a good addition. If you are forced to leave town, you have your most important info, emails and pictures, so you can set back up at a remote site if power is available, or you at least have 12 hours of power with some extra batteries.

    As an IT guy, I think bringing your portable technology is critical if you need to evacuate. You just never know.

  2. Multiple meetup points and times are important too. One or more may not be feasible due to unforseen conditions so alternatives to the first choice are needed.

  3. The best way to keep your plans covert but being able to commuincate the necessity of getting out of harm’s way is to have a “code phrase” that evryone in your family or group knows. When the “code phrase” is inserted into the conversation they will know something is wrong, while others who may overhear or eavesdrop on your conversation won’t have a clue. Just my .0275(inflation adjusted)!


  4. I would also like to take my laptop with me. I have a 400Watt Invert so i can run my laptop off my car. I would like to buy a 80 Watt portable Solar Panel that folds up and it is only 2 pounds.