Episode-1045- Every Day “Disasters” and DIY Prepping and The Criminal Mindset with David Nash — 20 Comments

  1. I am trying to look at his websites, but it keeps loading tracking conversion ads. Are you sure its posted correctly?

    • I’ll just type it in later, I am on a android, and it is kicking me over to the app store for some video game download, and I never download games.

    • I removed the hyper links. It only does this on mobile phones and yes it did it to me too. It isn’t on our end, it is clearly something that has effected his server and only on mobile devices. If you click the links or enter them on a standard PC they go where they are supposed to. I will let him know to contact his web host.

    • I removed the hyper links. It only does this on mobile phones and yes it did it to me too. It isn’t on our end, it is clearly something that has effected his server and only on mobile devices. If you click the links or enter them on a standard PC they go where they are supposed to. I will let him know to contact his web host.

  2. I tried to go to TNGun and was sent to a sex site. You might. want to see if you have been hacked or something

    • I removed the hyper links. It only does this on mobile phones and yes it did it to me too. It isn’t on our end, it is clearly something that has effected his server and only on mobile devices. If you click the links or enter them on a standard PC they go where they are supposed to. I will let him know to contact his web host.

  3. “warm water, hot coffee and TV won’t help you when TSHTF”

    Well, it sure helped today didn’t it? LOL!

  4. David talked to his host there was some malcrap redirect in the htacces files, they got him squared away so I am going to put the links back in.

  5. Interesting that someone thinks it wont help when shtf. I doubt that most of us are ‘ready’ were IT happen today. In the mean time there are numerous little turds that can hit the fan at any time. When your power went out for example. Here in northern MI there is a fluffy cold blowy white turd hitting the fan right now. Its supposed to get worse tomorrow. We are reasonably ready for it, wood stove; wood set for winter, propane cookstove w/matches to light burners with. Fresh water jarred up for this little duration. Just these few little things make all the difference. I keep water in the tea kettle(s) on the woodstove; should any little calamity occur we at least have somethign to make coffee or tea to sit and think of solutions with. If our power went out for a coupla weeks we would be good. This also allows us to think about what else we need to be doing for a longer term hunkering down if needed. All prep is not just for the big one, which incidently I doubt is going to come in one big whammy. Things will more likely just get progressively worse, depleting resources along the way. Being ‘prepared’ isnt going to be as cut and dried as some may think. We save your podcasts in a folder on the puter desktop to play when we can. Makes it handy. Also for some reason when we download and listen it will cut out after about an hour. Then we miss the rest, if we save it we can get it all. Dont know why it does that. Any ideas on that?
    Just some thoughts.

  6. When I worked with SBD (severally behaviorally disordered) & yes some times (silent but deadly) kids it was very sad and sometimes scary. Some were just messed up because of environment. Some needed meds. Out of those I swear if they just had good food and time outside that would be the only medication needed. Try convincing that to the powers that be. *banging head against wall* Some were just misunderstood. Forced to conform into a system that just didn’t work for them. Some I had no idea why they were even in the program. They shouldn’t have been.

    Then there were some that just were not all there. They had no feeling what so ever for anything or any body. Those were the ones that would stab you in the leg with a pencil just because the pencil and your leg was there. Wipe off the blood and go back to work. Then ask “what I do wrong?”

    Then the worst ones were the ones I say were just evil vermin. They did nothing but try to set things up so they could attack and do as much harm as possible. Why because it was fun. It’s sad & I know that our science is not at the point where those can be helped. They should have been put in an institution. yes they were kids. WERE now they are adults walking around. Some in prison some have been killed some committed suicide.

    You try your best with what you have to help but some times like it or not believe it or not there are some humans (even child humans) that are nothing short of evil vermin. They would cut your throat ask you for the time & walk away smiling admiring the watch you just gave them. Not even a second thought about you other than the person who Gave them the watch.

    I was highly trained to deal with these students. We were trained to watch for warning signs evacuation lock downs take downs self defense calling for back up weapon identification. I can tell you that if something happened someone was hurt property was damaged We the teachers / staff were held accountable. It was always considered our fault if something went wrong. We were never allowed guns pepper spray or any defensive weapon or deterrent.

    I think even if not mandatory every teacher would want that type of training. Even if they had it in mainstream schools parents would baulk and fight it every step of the way. Not my little Tommy or Sally. That is until a student is sent to the hospital then the parents are why didn’t you do something. Im telling ya it’s messed up.

    We even got flack for our “isolation” rooms “timeout” or what ever pretty little name we could think of. It was the only way to keep students staff property safe at times.

    Bus drivers were not immune to the political BS. They were not trained to deal with these kids! Yet if a kid tried to kill another kid or try to run the bus off the road the bus driver was held accountable! What a bunch of BS! Still makes me mad. So to save the drivers (safety and their job) we would volunteer to ride the bus without pay! I was not an air marshal but a school bus marshal so to speak. Only armed with training my wits and a cell phone. I did carry a very good purse. There were many times I would have to instruct the bus driver pull over call dispatch send 911. Then have the sheriff come get the kid. Take them off the bus. No problem? Yeah right that kid 9 times out of ten was back on the bus by afternoon run. Why? because of politics and the blame game.

    Very sad situations that you can not ever understand why. These kids? When I first started I worked with 2-4 th graders yes cute little ones. Just as dangerous. Then I moved to work with the 6,7,8th grade. Still pretty darn young. And yes every age group had every type. There most defiantly needs to be training for ALL teachers and staff. Yes these teachers may have to put up with flak and witch hunts but like my boss told me if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

  7. I wonder if the guy who said that hot water and coffee wont matter when shtf is the same guy who told you last yar during an ice storm that you should drive around in it just in case you had to bug out in a blizzard? Sounds like the same kind of mentality.

  8. Not everything that can go wrong is a wide spread disaster. I had a water main break and had no running water for 3 weeks during a hot summer. It turned out to be a great experiment and experience for my family. My wife does not gripe anymore about my storing of water and other items.

  9. Jack,

    I just have an overwhelming urge to, once again, thank you for everything that you do. So, I’ll choose to do it in a random show comment.

    For well over a year now… you, your audience, and your podcast have helped me decipher the reasons that I think the way I think and do what I do. I have been discussing self-sustainability and prepping with some family over the holidays (like usual) and it is very nice to be able to reference many of the things that you bring to the community.

    I have an uncle that is very deep into the “Mad Max” possibilities of prepping, and while he isn’t crazy with it and he helps me a lot in many ways, it is nice to be able to see the differences in the ways we think and the ways we formulate our preps. Survivalblog with JWR is mainly where he gets his information, and although I like that website too and I started there before I found you, I know that there are two distinct paths that are being taken by it’s followers versus yours. I see my path being more grounded.

    I owe that to you.

    Your explanations on probability of disasters really explain the logic behind prepping and it is so simple, yet many people, including myself at one time, couldn’t comprehend it without your guidance. I had the overwhelming feeling of “how in the hell am I going to buy all of this stuff?” about a year and a half ago and now I feel like I’m in control… I’m not where I want to be yet…. but I’m in control.

    So thanks, Jack. I’ll keep listening for as long as you keep talking.

  10. I’ve never heard a guest that was more of a kindred spirit than this guy. I love to tinker and play with projects just like Dave. I too have dozens of half finished things when I got sidetracked. Great show.

    As for the emergency lighting I found something similar at Costco. They’re like emergency flashlights with a number of settings. They stay plugged into a receptacle, have a light sensor with a tiny nightlight of a single LED, a motion sensor setting where all LED’s come on when movement is detected (good for late light fridge raids) and they’ll come on when the power goes out. I have 3 in the kitchen and it’s cool to have the lights pop on when you walk in.
    I think a pack of 3 at Costco is about $30.