Butcher Your Budget with DIY Meat Cutting – Epi-3366 — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for this episode! Phenomenal!

    I did want to also say thank you for mentioning the cutting glove because your hand does get cold. My dad was a truck driver. He was in a hurry on cold day so cut a box open for a grocery store and he sliced all the way down his thumb. He didn’t even feel it and I was certain, at 10 yo, that he was bleeding to death. He still has so much trouble with it.

    You always have such great podcasts!

  2. I just cut up a $200.00/20# slab into ribeyes from U.S. Foods Chef’s Store (re-branded Cash-n-Carry). Costco was same price for 7#. Can’t fathom what Albertson’s would’ve been! We buy a cow every year, so when we ‘re out of ribeyes and want to treat the family, we just can’t go buy cut steaks. We gotta buy bulk and cut it ourselves.

    • Oh FWIW last time I was in Albertsons ribeyes at the counter were 18.99 a pound. So you saved about 180 bucks almost enough to buy a second one. Well done.