Episode-2460- Understanding Disease Resistant Vegetable Varieties — 3 Comments

  1. You would enjoy the podcasts that John Kempf does. They are called Regenerative Agriculture. He speaks at most Acres USA conferences, has his own successful ag and consulting business and he is Amish. In one broadcast he mentioned how boron was a very important mineral in battling tomato blight.

  2. Hey Jack and All, one kinda crazy thing I was looking at last year was plant grafting. The weird pinterest version was the whole ketchup and fries tomato crafted on a potato. The production version that I primarily saw was tomatoes on eggplant. I wonder if you were to graft a rootstock that was highly resistant to soil born fungi etc with a variety that was resistant to airborne fungi/ bacteria. More just food for thought and of course you gotta weigh your time in this. But I think disease resistance could be a good argument to graft the top of a wild tomato variety to a production variety