Discount Issue on the Sentinel Coins — 45 Comments

  1. Jack, I was planning on sending an email about the discount tomorrow for the 5 or more (expected the limited edition probably wouldn’t receive one even though I never saw it stated). To my surprise you are already on top of the issue. Server was so slow (compliment to the piece not a complaint), I took the chance. Nobody can rightly say you are a “hands off” owner of anything and that is a strength that we all see in TSP. Congrats on the new coin and keep it up.

    • I didn’t even bother trying until after I had already ordered some. I went back a few times around and kept seeing they were in stock.
      When it didn’t work, I was like… well not surprised. I mean what would the discount even be considering the discount relates to regular coins over spot price?

      Can’t wait. But I know I’ll have to. ha!

  2. Jack, no worries. It will all smooth out in the morning. Go to bed and have a fresh mind in the morning.

    Thanks again Jim P.

    • I will soon, I figure I owe this audience at least an hour of this launch. So 1am I turn into a pumpkin, until then I am as on it as I can be.

  3. This coin sale / launch is cray cray!! Since you started this….you are cray cray as well!! I thought the MSB code would give me them for free…!!! JK. It’s all good Jack, if someone doesn’t like it, they can go away and pound glass infested sand. Again, just messing around….no one go and pound glass infested sand. : )

    • Wondering if you know what this means, ROTFLMMFAO

      Thanks for that it has been a very stressful week thus far.

    • Rolling on the floor laughing my metallic freedom ant off? if only there was an “s” in there for sentinel….

  4. Good night Jack. Sales have slowed down. All of us hardcore latenighters got ours and it looks like there will still be some left for the morning shoppers. Great looking medallions! Thanks for staying up with us and keeping us updated! Poof!! You are now a pumpkin!

    • Ya. So long as Rob handles it right (like he said it would), the ones I got shoooould be in the first 100. Woohoo. Well also if the coin count countdown was right.

  5. I wasn’t expecting them to go on sale for another hour. I don’t think the countdown clock was taking timezone into account. I’m glad I got some in time…

  6. Hello,

    Where/How do I buy one…..? its 12am here in NM now. But I guess you guys must be East coasters?


  7. It is all good. Just shows how loyal an audience you have when we can crash a server on an offer like this. I’m sure the mint will make the orders right and get us a correct invoice.
    Thanks for your attention and concern Jack, but in the big picture no one will remember this 5 years from now and we’ll have the coins.

  8. FYI: I could not get access to my original account – password reset requests failed earlier tonight. I just created a new account to get the order in as soon as possible.

    I sent a check via online checking via bill pay. I am not sure when the post mark will be but delivery is expected by 13 May. So I hope this payment won’t break the rules…

  9. Jack, I continue to be amazed at your diligence, which is of course why your business is a success and why I am paid up for another couple years of MSB.
    Why can’t people read the directions?

    I got caught up in the delay of the first issue of TSP silver deal: buy 5, get a free copper. The delay didn’t bother me a bit because The Mint always comes through and makes things right, which they did. Then I saw your video of the Mulligan Mint and I am astounded such coins can be sold for a couple bucks over spot. Can’t figure out how anyone makes any profit doing that, but am happy that somehow it works.

    Sometimes I think you worry too much, but I appreciate your commitment to quality and service.

    • Thanks man I try. Last night we sold 1000 LEs at a big premium. I knew it would be crazy and being here to shepherd in the first hour was the least I felt I could do for people.

  10. Glad I was able to join in the crazy. A slow server added to the excitement and a good sign people are awake and excited to join in. I’m looking forward to future launches.

    • Yeah what was funny is people descended onto the site literally in the last minute. I was on the site for at least 15 minutes prior (if you’re not 15 minutes early you’re late) and it was fine up until that last minute.

  11. Jack, it was awesome that you were able to address issue 2 so soon. I hope you got a good night’s rest, and here’s to a soon sell-out of the Limited Edition!

  12. Hey Jack, I still didn’t receive an order confirmation email on any TSPMint order? Confirmation emails like this are pretty much standard across the internet sales. Is this a glitch? Or do they just not send them out for some reason?

    Just curious. Not a deal breaker by any means. Thanks!

    • Your order number is #9-1381 and Rob confirmed that a order confirmation was automatically sent to you. I think your ISP or Mail Program is to blame here.

      • Yes, it is possible that Yahoo is blocking the email coming in from Rob and not even letting it get to me, or even my spam folder. If that is the case I don’t know what to do about it. But both of my orders, I never received a confirmation email.

        Do you know what email address it could be coming from so I can put that in my address book to try and prevent this in the future?

  13. Well I guess I waited to long. lol There was 14 remaining and I added one to my shopping cart and by the time I went to checkout, Which was only like a minute, They were all sold. Oh well, I’ll be buying the other new coin soon. BTW it was 8:15 a.m. EST. That is incredible Jack! Way to go!

  14. Well this sucks! Started trying to purchase 5 coins and 5 proofs at 5 am. MSB discount didnt work, by the time the page reloaded and I could use this ####### site it was after 6 am. Purchased 5 proofs only, page reloaded till after 7 am and says the product is out of stock.

  15. Congrats on the quick sell out… The coins look amazing and I am very happy I purchased some while I could

  16. wow- i guess i got mine just i time this morning. I passed out last night & woke up early, and said ‘oh crap- gotta check tsp mint. couldn’t get the msb discount code to work on the regular rounds, but didn’t want to wait, and didn’t want to do 2 orders. Boy am i glad i didn’t! btw- i also didn’t receive email confirmation.. oh well. Great rounds- congrats & here’s is to a successful career in PM!

    • Really?
      That’s kind of surprising because I looked at least a solid hour ago and they were sold out.

      My check’s in the mail!

    • I ordered a few hours ago- not when i just posted. I posted when i saw that they had sold out!

      • Now it makes sense!
        It seemed to me if you one was on anywhere near midnight (CST) you could get your hands on some.

        I found it interesting how the clock on the main page was 1 minute ahead of the one in the actual purchasing area (and 1 minute ahead of real time…) Not sure if anybody else caught that.

  17. I set my alarm to 11:55pm so I would have a few minutes to get ready. Glad I didn’t wait until morning.
    Rob, if you read these comments.. It might be worth noting that since they don’t allow payment other than what would be considered for a cash discount and 3% off you might want to look at modifying the pages until your other processing options are available.

  18. I see the discount is working now for the regular rounds! oh well.. i really wanted the limited edition round so didn’t wait. Maybe they’ll throw in a copper… otherwise i’ll just think of the $10 as a donation!

  19. I also noticed that the discount code is back working. I held off on ordering the regular rounds to wait or the discount code. I called coins for a cause to see if I could still combine orders for shipping purposes and they could not, which is understandable, but they did take care of me to make it right. I could not be more pleased with the way the business has been running even through difficult times. Image how good it will be when they get all of there ducks in a row

  20. Just an FYI for everybody that bought the BUs:

    I just got off the phone with Jenifer. They are NOT honoring the MSB code for the new BUs that were ordered last night. What they are doing is anybody that calls them to complain about the code not working on the new BU is being sent a promo code for a future purchase equal to the amount they should have saved. But since this promo code is only worth what you should have saved and can’t be combined with other promo codes (like say the MSB code), it really is worthless. I tried explaining this, but either Jenifer is a bit slow or she was stonewalling to get me off the phone.

    I for one am not about to loose sleep over $1/coin but this is a bit below par IMO.

    • Update:

      Jenifer called back and said they just had a meeting with the owner (I’m assuming Rob), and they are going to go back and fix the orders by either having people deduct the amount from the check or issuing a statement credit for anybody that mailed it out already.

      • See what happens when you give me a problem and a few moments to fix it?

        • Not really, just a one word addition to your comment when I forwarded it. That one word was simply



        • Close enough. I wish I had a recording of the poor girl on the phone. She didn’t say anything other than there was a meeting, but from her tone it sounded like a real ear full.