Episode-474- Disaster Probability, Impact and Commonality — 6 Comments

  1. I just put together my “Pantry 72” yesterday Jack….inside a pantry. That thing is awesome….I am ordering the #10 big one this week. I will say that the TSP members discount code DOES NOT work. The 5% code works from your main site but the 7% code no longer works. Thanks again for the youtube review of this thing.

  2. @JimK

    The code does work, at least it does now. My primary contact at was on maternity leave and due to that we ended up with an expired code. The first I heard of this issue was yesterday at about 4PM, by 8AM this morning the code was again active and usable.

    I will bet you if you call and ask they will make it right and credit you the additional 2%.

  3. The last time before 911 that we had bloodshed within American borders that involved war was the War of 1812? Ummmm, there was this event in Hawaii called Pearl Harbor…

    Riots – We had one in Toledo, Ohio and made national news about 2 or 3 yrs. ago when the Nazi party did their 1st Amendment rally and the blacks rioted.

  4. Great show Jack! I’ve heard you touch on this topic before so it was good to hear a whole show on it. I really appreciated the comment about getting out of debt before joining MSB. That eased my mind as I feel strongly I should be giving back for all the great advise and knowledge you provide on a daily basis. We are, unfortunately, deeply in debt but digging our way out. Thanks for all you do.

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