Episode-267- DirtTime09 and Overlooked Preps — 6 Comments

  1. The guy who invited you to the Hoodlum’s Fall Gathering was most likely “Fishbait”

    *dies laughing* I just love you. I love the fact that you totally picked on me. 😀 I feel much better now, knowing that everybody knows what a complete dumbass I am. I bought everybody beer. Except my freaking boss. *SIGH*

  2. Damn it. 🙁 That sucks. I wish I was a more experienced Ham, cuz I’d do it! 😉

    I’m workin’ on getting my general license in the next 3 weeks though, when Tycoon and TW get their tech licenses (I’m gonna try for a 2fer).

    You know who you should approach? DEV. He’s big into Ham stuff.

  3. Chain Saw recommendation:

    Stihl Farm Boss [MS-290] + Extra Chain = $500

    Has worked great for us in our farm, removing fallen trees and limbs due to hurricane and tropical storm damage. Make sure you deplete the fuel tank before storing. Keep a fresh chain on it at all times. Quick start and not too heavy.

  4. You mentioned putting your grill in your truck for bugout or camping?
    Have you looked at the propane Coleman stoves/grills they are about 10×20 inches (IIRC) and fold down into ~4 inches thick. They can use 1 or 20lb tanks.
    I have had one of the two burner stoves for 10 years when not backpacking (I use an MSR pocket rocket for that)