Fixing Medicine with Direct Primary Care with Dr. Jason Pfaffly – Epi-2997 — 6 Comments

  1. Jack, the “Join Us Today as we Discuss…” is not from this episode. Im assuming that it came from a previous one used as a template. FYI.

    • Martin,

      I am sorry it took me so long to respond to this question. I did not see this question until now.

      Questions to ask a DPC clinic and doc are very much individualized but make sure:

      1) You know the cost and the term of the agreement, ie when can you cancel. Is there a sign up fee? How frequently are you billed – Monthly, annually?
      2) Review their services and make sure you are getting what you think you are. In house labs? In house procedures? All DPC clinics are different and you need to choose the one that works for you.
      3) Make sure their approach to medicine and communication style works for you. A big part of the benefit of DPC is the relationship between patient and doc. So you will want to make sure the doc and their staff are people you can work with!
      4) Ask about employer discounts per below

      I hope this helps. Any other questions let me know.

      Jason Pfaffly, MD
      Agora Health – Direct Primary Care

  2. Is there a mechanism for a mid-size corporation to offer Direct Primary Care membership and catastrophic healthcare insurance to an employee base?

    Is there documentation or other references that an employee could leverage to inform an HR department of this offering for a corporate environment.

    • Nick,

      I am sorry I did not respond to this message until now. Just saw this question. Every DPC clinic will have different policies but pretty much all of them will offer a program for employers to offer DPC as an employment benefit. Many DPC providers will offer discounts for employers that bring a certain number of employees. The best approach is for an employer to shop around with the DPC clinics in your area. Ask about price, employer discount and overall policies and philosophies. The agreement will be directly between the employer and the DPC clinic with a separate contract.

      With respect to catastrophic coverage, this is not my world as I am a DPC doc but an employer can sign up with a company to offer fixed indemnity coverage which comes in many different flavors and essentially acts as catastrophic coverage. This is very much a buyer beware situation but there are good products out there that work for various situations.

      Best of luck!

      Jason Pfaffly, MD
      Agora Health – Direct Primary Care