Episode-2253- Dillon Allen on Nuclear Power, Anarchism, Urban Prepping and More — 29 Comments

  1. Is there a link to the presentation you and Dillon discussed first half of the podcast?

  2. What movie did you refer to with the quote “I don’t think that word means what you think it means”?

    I Googled it and a few movies came up. Thanks.

  3. Great show today, entertaining & useful.
    Would look forward to hearing Dillon on the show again.

    Something that makes me laugh is that in the US guys reach 40 or 50 before they start to question the ethics of their own army.

    Here in much of Europe we reach that point at the age of 12, not just about the US army but about all colonial invading armies, Britain, France, Russia, China, Israel. etc.
    That thinking may be a residue from the Second World war in Europe as well as the 1990s war in Yougoslavia.

    Also we observe that Colanial States and their medias invest millions in brainwashing their soldiers and populations to believe in their soldiers as heroes.

    Ordinary people of non colonial countries tend to view soldiers with mistrust even their own soldiers.
    Infact soldiers are often looked down upon as a waste of money who aren’t capable of defending the people anyway and are more likely as a ready unit be switched against the people by the invaders.

    A possible reason being that ordinary people of colonial invading countries don’t see soldiers actually killing people, it happens far way and is reported back through a sanitized loyal media.

    But countries who have been invaded and brutalized know that many soldiers in a unit conform to the comands of their seniors even if that means ‘war crimes’.

    I think people brutalized countries see invading soldiers as individually responsible for their actions, maybe because smaller countries are more individualistic by nature with less regulation.

    But people of colonial invading countries see the politions and high command as responsible and the soldier as a hero following orders.

  4. Great show – I was one of the reactor operators punching holes in the ocean on a sub.  ET2(SS) Smith —- a lifetime ago.  I enjoyed listening.

  5. Jack, What was the book you mentioned about our country’s meddling in other country’s elections? Do you have a tspaz link for it?
    Edit: I see it above in the notes. Never mind. 🙂

  6. Whoops, 3 Dog Night is singing a song by Elton John> they didn’t write it. Anyway, it’s not the link to the interview.

  7. Thanks, but I found it in the show notes. I scrolled by it too fast and found it. I’m going to buy the book, there’s some friends of mine that really need to understand how our country “meddles.” I look forward to reading it before I pass it on.
    Thanks again.


  8. I just searched for that book on Amazon. I see the author, John Perkins also wrote a book titled: Shapeshifting: Shamanic Techniques for Global and Personal Transformation.  Hmmm, so this guy is a nut job. I won’t be buying any of his books. I don’t think this guy is credible.

    • So examining indigenous cultures and seeing what we can learn from their view is the hallmark of a “nut job”?

      Really so tell me how our current societies values compare to most traditional indigenous societies values?

      Anyway the audio book is free and his interview is free.  May be he has gone into stuff like the above to try the heal himself because of the evil he did.  Fucks a man up you know.

      I know a lot of soldiers dealing with a lot of shit and guilt right now, are they “nut jobs”?

      Not gonna the lie the man is coming from a left leaning world perspective, if you find out what he did, what he was paid to do, etc. you may understand why though.  I think his overall view though is simply if Nation XYZ wants to be capitalist, fine, let them do so, but if they want to be something else stay the fuck out of their business.  Yea that is crazy talk.

      If nothing else listen to the interview.  As I often say, you don’t know what you don’t know.

  9. @Michael – it takes a few years to get your brain dirty after it’s been brainwashed. Our experience in the US – no one has landed troops here since we existed – means that our perspective is skewed. We know war… but not on our soil, our great grandparents and their kids knew it… but on foreign soil. Their parents knew it… against each other. And their grandparents knew it against “oppressors” (who we traded for local oppressors).

    @Karl – ET2 Smith – thanks for your service. I enjoyed the discussion too. So much to cover and never enough time to go to test depth on anything.

  10. Good Reply Dillon.
    Look forward to hearing you on the Survival Podcast in tge future.
    Where did you get the ‘AngusBangus’ name ? Were you an AC/DC fan or something like that ?

  11. @Michael – middle name is Angus… I’m in a long line of them, as are my dad and eldest son. Growing up my dad had big crawfish boils we cohosted with a local Chinese family, the Wongs. It was the Wongus Angus Crawfish Bangus. I always strongly identified with my dad and our lineage who, though faulty, tried to look out for the meek and mild. I also like making things go “bang”. I started using “Bangus” as a character name on an old text-based Star Wars MUDD (that is fellow-nerd bait, btw).

    Basically, AngusBangus is as unique as I could come up with and still be somewhat anonymous while also tying in a ton of my life experience both figuratively and literally. The logo seals the way I think… No quarter for the oppressor.

    • I don’t have an active blog. My (currently defunct) blog is at No podcast. I contemplate what I want to talk about and frequently there is someone already covering it or it’s a subject on which I’d have to meter my opinion. I am really beginning to focus on my public appearance due to the day job. And I will be authentic if I do put something out.

      Recently, I’ve run across a couple of “guys just talking about a subject” podcasts that have peaked my interest. I have a friend (the one I mentioned in the episode) with whom I MIGHT start something. But we aren’t in GSD mode there… Lots of life going on in other areas.

      I appreciate the interest, though.

  12. I just listend to the J Perkins link,
    That stuff is amazing to hear.
    Well done to the Survival Podcast for broadening my view on how the political and economic systems operate.

  13. Jack, you mention in this podcast about some guy who made a youtube clip about future changes in technology etc.
    It was a roundabout where you mentioned about when thd horses looked around to see the dog food trucks.
    Did you put a link to it in the notes?
    I can’t find it.

  14. Thanks @Angusbangus for the perspective on nuke plant safety. Living on the East coast these days and the ‘local’ nuke plants were my top ‘environmental’ concern.

    As a ‘backup’ though, Potassium Iodide tablets worth storing/rotating? Nukalert recommended? =)


    • KI isn’t a bad idea. It’s up there with pallet of long term storage food pallets in a bunker, though you can get a bottle of KI much cheaper. I’m not even sure what nukealert is… If you pay for it, probably not something I’d do. The nuke plant emergency preparedness team works with locals. If you’re concerned, talk to your local emergency management team. If they don’t work with a plant, you’re not close enough to even think about worrying.

  15. Great show Dylan! That’s some real No Agenda podcast thinking! They cover a lot of the same reasoning process in depth. has up to date info on breeder plant safety & power generation.
    The last power plant that was almost built was Black Fox, just east of Tulsa, Ok. Family would have been engineers there. If you check the Googles you can find a couple acre size square ponds out in Amish Country where they had the basement poured and everything to start assembling the containment vessels.

    • Thanks for the plug for Rod Adams over at Atomic Insights. I worked with him back in the Navy. Big time thinker and I respect his opinion. We don’t always see eye to eye 100% on practical implementation on the civilian side, but he knows his stuff.

  16. I just heard this episode and am a supporter of thorium reactors.  I was bothered by the comment that they are not used more because of the plutonium they produce.  In fact they burn plutonium.  See this link:

    I suspect more thorium reactors are not being built because of the development costs compared with existing uranium reactors.

    I worked as an operator at a nuclear plant for 13 years.

    • Jim, thanks for the follow up and link. It brought back my days of learning about Shippingport. Bottom line, I stand corrected. I was mentally focused on the challenging cost aspect of new nuclear and the proliferation challenges of reprocessing spent fuel.

      I was a fan of Th reactors when I learned about them. Thanks for reminding me why. Unfortunately the $$ compared to other energy sources may not work out near term.