Episode-2718- The Digital Version of Walking to Freedom — 26 Comments

  1. “While as a libertarian/agorist/voluntarist I feel any company has the absolute right to control what does and does not go on their platforms”

    you don’t think they effectively qualify as public utilities?

    what do  you think of the publisher/platform distinction?

    • No they are not public utilities.  Your second question then becomes irrelevant.

      • “No they are not public utilities”

        as quasi-monopolies they certainly qualify.

        “Your second question then becomes irrelevant”

        a court may disagree.

        • That is your circus and your clowns not mine.  And no your judge clown won’t make your political clown reign in the technocrats.

        • “That is your circus and your clowns not mine”

          this is where libertarianism/anarchism fails.  it is blind to any notion of “us” or “community” or “nation” or “country”.  it’s all just “you ” and “me”.  mostly “me”.

          “And no your judge clown won’t make your political clown reign in the technocrats”

          not all the technocrats, no.  most, yes – the ones outside the inner controlling circle, the ones that aren’t part of the in-crowd, they’ll be rounded up, while the inner controlling circle technocrats pose as “private enterprise” while acting as defacto governments.  same as the “tax the rich” schemes – the inner controlling circle will be untouched, posing as “vital services”, but all the outsiders will be drained.

        • Your demonstration of ignorance continues.  There are times when a person is saying shit so idiotic you are torn between advising them to stop and letting them continue for your own amusement.  This is such a time.

  2. “An honest question for libertarians/anarchist, do you really mean what you say when you say it?”

    they do.  it’s just that they don’t understand what they’re saying.

    • You don’t get to say anything about what libertarians mean when they speak as you have demonstrated an incredible willful ignorance on the subject.   Listening to you talk about libertarianism is like listening to a retard try to tell you about the theory of relativity.

      • “you have demonstrated an incredible willful ignorance on the subject”

        that’s what the leftists say to me too.  “you just don’t understand!”  but I do.  they have a dream ….

        • I don’t know if you are ignorant about leftist ideology but you are fucking retarded when it comes to anarchism.

  3. Jack I haven’t listened yet, if you cover this I’ll hear it later so disregard.
    But, what are your thoughts on setting a date, making the announcement, and then on said date, deleting your TSP Facebook groups? That would obviously really help with getting everybody over to the alternate platforms.

    • Nope not gonna do it.  I didn’t build that group members did, I managed it and have admins that do the same.  It is not fair that I take it away.  Fuckerberg plays that way not me.  I plan to answer the question “what does Jack want” for the FB group today.

      • Understood, and I hadn’t thought of it that way.  You’d be deleting content that others put there and might want to refer back to.  Makes sense.

    • Jack, really valued this show, particularly because i havent kept up with technical things compared to most of society.

      I am particularly interested in finding a way to remove my old emails from off of my hotmail/ outlook account…as i would like to be able to query them and read/ use as a sort of life journal, no longer throuh hotmail server.  Even though ive waited a bit too long to do this, I would prefer to have them only for personal use, no longer for mr gates or hackers to use.

      Is there a service/ company you could recommend that provides the service of capturing/removing a large archive of old emails from hotmail and for me to store them digitally ( other than my own server/as i have no idea how i could accomplish that) maybe like a external hard drive? and then, like you, have a sevice remove emails after a certain period of time? ( you refer to a client?)

      Btw, this i have neglected because your other suggestions have busied me…permaculture orchard, time with some ducks on my land, side gig getting organic fruit “donations”, and now quail on the horizon….email capturing hasnt been on the forefront of my mind..

      • A, one way you can do this is to use a mail client such as Microsoft Outlook, or the open source Mozilla Thunderbird (from the same company who created Firefox). You can login to your existing email accounts with the client and allow it to download all of your email. You can then backup regularly your email files to an external drive. If you use the POP3 protocol, your email will download to your client application and be removed from the server by default, usually. You’ll have to check the settings. There are other options as well that you can “duckduckgo” (as opposed to Google), but this is one of the easiest ways for most users.

        • This is what I do, archives go on an external hard drive limiting what can ever be hacked.  No mail stays on the server for any time at all.

          But let me say this is a problem when I travel.  I use macbooks for laptops.  The mac version of outlook has a setting to remove from server.  I have three macs, NONE ACTUALLY DO IT.  I have never found a remedy.  It is one place where a microsoft product just works perfectly and a mac product stubbornly refuses to.   I spent hours looking for a solution and gave up.

          Point being, what ever client you use if it says it removes a copy, “trust by verify”.

  4. Jack, this is long, but I believe important for everyone to be aware. It may be fairly common knowledge, but I didn’t hear it mentioned in the podcast.

    Telegram is not end to end encrypted by default. You have to use “secret chats” in order to enable this feature. Otherwise, default communications are encrypted only between server and client and everything is stored on their server. Telegram doesn’t provide an end-to-end encryption option for groups. It also uses a customized closed source encryption protocol, so nobody can verify the code externally which is a concern expressed by many security groups.

    Signal is a much better platform if all you want is end to end encryption (by default) for messages, audio, and video calls. Unfortunately, Signal doesn’t have some of the group features of Telegram you mentioned.

    I’ve been trying to push all my contacts toward Signal. Telegram is still 100% better than Facebook though and has many more active users.

    Great show as usual. I am looking into some of these sites I didn’t already know about. The show was a great reminder to stop making excuses, and just make the jump to new platforms.

  5. FB *does* have a ‘download your data’ feature. It’s under settings. You make the request, they Generate a zip file, and notify you when it is ready to download. A date range can be specified. May take more than one file. Not sure how complete it is, or if it includes things other than your pictures, post, comments, etc.

    Maybe you could create a TSP MySpace page? ?

  6. Going to have to try Brave again. Have to keep Edge or Chrome around, some of the training sites I go to still are browser specific. Heck even one of the paper mills up in Maine still has a training instructional  that you still have to use Internet Explorer 6. I wouldn’t even install that piece of crap on my computer. I use Docker on my laptop I just spun up a container to run widows for the training and then tossed it. Downloaded IE 6 to run for about an hour and felt dirty afterwards.


    To help with the tracking on your side, although it doesn’t stop from tracking on their side, is to install a Pi-Hole that sits in between your cable modem and router. I first installed it because the tv I bought started showing ads itself. Nope. It works like an ad blocker for your entire network so it not only works on your computer but also tablets, phones, tv’s, anything connecting though your network. It’s amazing how many things you don’t realize are in the background tracking dang near everything. I built a pfsense router that does the same thing and more so I don’t need it anymore but setting up a pi-hole on a cheap raspberry pi is a great project.

    Also set up a Discord server for the family. We are spread out all over the country so we use that to stay in touch. Since most of us used it anyway it was simple to set up.


  7. Brave is based on Chromium (as is the newest version of Microsoft Edge). Chromium is the Open-Source version of the Chrome browser, from Google. Pretty much anything plugin that works on Chrome will work on Brave.

    An “easy” way to run your own web server is by using a product called “The Helm”.

  8. I handle my email much in the same way that you do. Email is pulled from the outer Internet on a regular basis. The difference for me, though, is that I don’t pull those emails to a local machine. I’d set up a home server a while back and one of the things I added to that machine was an email server that can only be accessed from within my network. The upside is that since it’s an IMAP server, regardless of the device that I’m using to check email, it’s always available. Traveling can present a challenge, but that’s what home VPNs are for. Most modern routers have simple VPN functionality built into them, so once you set that up, you can be on your home network from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

  9. I tried to import my channel from youtube, but lbry denied be. I sent them an email a week ago or more and no response. I’ll add it again but heres the thing I havent really posted on that platform in 8 years.

  10. Hey Jack, did you talk about a video or something that shows how to connect your current youtube channel to your LBRY channel while setting it up, so that everything exports?
    I can’t seem to find those directions, but I really want to make sure I do it right, thanks