Episode-25- Devloping Situational Awareness for Modern Survival Living — 8 Comments

  1. This is probably the core tenet by which any person interested in survivalism (in the broad context) or anyone interested in “participating actively” in life shouild follow. Being aware of your surroundings and such will come as second nature eventually and as you noted, will help a person pick up on subtle clues about what’s the lay of the land/situation.
    Glad you covered it as I suspect (and as you noted), it’s something many people don’t think about or know. And also, people can over react to what it really means to be situationally aware.

  2. I agree. All too often you see people who just have no clue as to their surroundings.

    You can see them living in a grey fog. That’s the one thing I am trying to impart on my children. Pay attention to the world around you.

  3. and always, always, always pretend to be passive and blame yourself for your own stupidity. Offer to pay “with a fake check”; have a good story like “my mom is deathly ill – and I am not paying attention. My brother the cop is on the voicefree cellphone in the car right now – and he says just to appologize and drive away” as everyone has a mom and most have a brother in some context. The key is to bluff strongly but passively with the BAD GUY having a way out, while you assess your own way out.

    then of course be ready to take advantage of a dangerous situation fast.

  4. One way that I’ve found helps me pay attention to what is going on around me if by my training in the martial arts. You learn to watch body language and ‘feel’ peoples intentions.

  5. @SteveO,

    You bet in fact for the last year I have been working to help a former Russian Olympian and KGB member promote a DVD series teaching “Systema” an ancient Russian Martial art.

    If you would like to see a bit about it and even see me on film check out this YouTube video.

  6. Wow. I’m amazed. I’ve studied quite a few styles of martial arts (but am not a black belt in any) and have seen nothing like that. I need to look into this more.

  7. I teach preparedness and am a former police officer. Our law enforcement training taught us to be trained observers. I’m trying to take the concept of situational awareness and apply to this arena to get people more cognizant of their surroundings. Your podcast was interesting and informative. Do you have any suggestions for exercises that will help people become more situationally aware? Thanks!

  8. Victim no more…am now a “prepper” with my husband. Fell victim to a bad person and my own stupidity 20 yrs ago. I was “aware” that something wasn’t right, but ignored it, and paid for my mistake. Won’t ever happen again.

    Since then, I REALLY watch body language and attitude. I think it has kept me out of trouble more than once since then.