Episode-2425- The Lost Art of Developing Life Skills — 8 Comments

  1. 1. The reason parents snow plow for their children is because the parents are children themselves.  They don’t have the discipline to watch their children struggle.  If you don’t struggle, you don’t grow (up).

  2. 3. Car salesman: Yes that is the absolute lowest price we will sell that car, why people don’t believe them. Because the price was higher than what sources said it should be we checked elsewhere and ended up with a great deal. Week later salesman contacted us with a lower price, one we would have accepted, price we asked for. Even though they said lowest price, their “best offer/lowest price” was not.  However he was too late and the better deal we got out of town was still better than their new price. It was like thank you for giving us such a crappy deal we decided to check elsewhere.
    Sad thing is if the first price they quote after asking for their absolute lowest price, is an honest answer we expect it to not be true and expect them to come down some more and get irritated when they don’t

  3. Would you consider having an episode that helped people understand where to use Excel? What variables should be included or at least where to find them. I know basic stuff, adding subtracting, and such but the formula names don’t make sense to me so I don’t know what they calculate.  Since you say we could learn it in a day we must not have to use the formulas that have the cryptic sounding names that represent some kind of higher math, or pivot table which really baffle me. Excel frustrates me to no end.

    • I am not really opposed to it but it is something really hard to explain verbally. I guess the confusion here is an example. By formula I just mean math. For example

      12*4 + 3-2 vs. 12* (4+3) -2

      In the first example 12 times 4 is 48, plus 3 is 51 minus 2 is 49.

      In the second you start with 4 plus 3 equaling 7 then 12 times 7 equaling 84 subtract 1 and get 83.

      This is like the most basic algebra, like 5th grade stuff. I am sure you didn’t learn a thing from my example of random numbers other than may be what I was talking about.

      Now with excel we introduce a variable. We want to use the number in a cell, say b4 so we put that into our equation. The equation though you must create based on what YOU want to know.

      I am not sure I can teach excel in audio, it is something I have to have a person next to me to do.

      I think this free list will give you what you need to get started

      Once you get what excel can do and how it works you are able to get started just doing it and when you hit a road block you then know how to search out a solution.

  4. Wow, Jack. wtf! I and my boss was just talking about this yesterday and then I see this post today. What timing. We deal with this shit everyday with employees. You are so right!


  5. Listened to the song of the day, my dad used this song to teach me some of the self defense skills you talked about. He asked me to list all the reasons they might have been shooting at him besides a bar brawl gone wrong. Setting aside the fact that he could have handled the confrontation better, he stole a horse. That’ll get you hanged. Later the cowboys he was shooting at might not have been after him at first. The whole song is one unthinking mess compounding another.