Episode-421- How to Develop Your Personal Survival Plan — 4 Comments

  1. Further the amusement, Ann:

    4/21 was an inside job!

    Another great show Jack (even though it’s still downloading and haven’t listened to it yet)! My iPod has episodes 200 and something to current. I go back and re listen to shows from last year and they are still relevant and timeless.

  2. Thank you for defining the difference between self-sufficiency and self-reliance. I am guilty of interchanging the two terms myself. My husband and I have sketched out a plan, but need to begin documenting our progress and holding our own feet to the fire when it comes to meeting our prioritized objectives. It’s easy to get side tracked on things that we already love to do like working in the garden (or playing with the chickens.. 🙂 ) while there are other important tasks that we should be tackling.

    On a humorous side-note (speaking of chickens) – I had the baby chicks out today for their first visit to the coop & pen. They were pretty nervous, but were finally getting confident enough to wander away from the cardboard box I brought them out in.. I was listening to the podcast, and Jack went “Evangelistic” for a moment.. I never seen chicks take cover in a box so quickly! Just goes to show that survival is instinctive.. 🙂

  3. You said “Survival is not a Right” at Around 49:45. I beg to differ kind sir. Now that we have Health care I’m sure next year or maybe even later this year everyone will have the “Right” to survive 😛