Episode-2290- Derek Bootle on Defending Families from CPS — 8 Comments

  1. Jack,

    I don’t use Facebook. But I’d like to read the Bootle article you mentioned in the show that you shared on Facebook.

    Will you please link it here?

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  2. FANTASTIC SHOW!!!  Yes  I will be getting that book. I can say been there done that and believe me it is not fun nor an easy thing to go through. I know others that have also been through it.   As far as anyone is concerned YOU are guilty scum and NOBODY ever wants to listen to your side. It is a witch hunt and you are the witch.   Yes we  carry in case we need to protect ourselves. We prepare just in case. This information I would say is so important it’s right up there with having a toothbrush or TP.  Not necessarily  glamorous or a fun thing. It’s not even something we talk about often. Yet oh so important.

    Love that poem

  3. We have been under the scope of CPS due to ex-spouses. We knew enough from listening to Jack over the years, and turn them away on more than one occasion at the door demanding warrant or police, to have them not show up again. A few instances police were involved and neighbors and school looked at me different even though I did nothing wrong. They make you feel as though you have NO choice but comply with “requests”. Being educated is the biggest tool you can have in dealing with these people.

  4. For me, a listener of about 7 years, this is the most important episode I have ever listened to. And the reason is…


    …this podcast coincides with my impending divorce. This development is only a few weeks old – its raw and it sucks. The unfortunate part is that our children are 3 & 5.  Right now my wife and I are being amicable: we are both speaking to each other, trying to keep everything normal for the kids since school just started, and generally being considerate of the other person despite the fact that BOTH of us screwed up.

    But we have been together for about 20 years and that brings a lot of baggage. So this book, which I have bought, is my future-proofing. Despite our current intentions, things could get nasty…but I have no intention of giving up any of my rights as a current stay-at-home father because of the “State” and its idiosyncrasies.

  5. Just wanted to add my experience with CPS. My mother-in-law called CPS on us because she thought we were mis-treating our daughter. We spoke with a CPS rep on the phone and they immediately dismissed the case. Now, we weren’t abusing our daughter but if we were, she would have fallen through the cracks.

  6. Your anecdote about your son removing his out of control child to the parking lot only to be followed and recorded by someone has another side to it. A parent who intends to wallop his child will do the same thing, remove him from view of others. It happens a lot. Following and recording a person just might prevent that violent act. Sure, it seems intrusive, but they didn’t follow up on it because there wasn’t anything to report.