Episode-2527- NSFW – Donnie Gebert on Decentralizing Governance — 13 Comments

  1. Hello Jack,

    Thanks fir this interview, It was G RE AT!!, even if NSFW.

    Your show your are the sole censor. End F’ing dot.

    No worries, no objections.

    Thanks for all you do.


  2. I wish this fuck boy was in my crosshairs. He talks a lot of shit when he’s on the air with you as a police officer I would love to pull this guy over and see if he can try his shit with me

    • Dave, some of his comments were totally stupid. Your comment above is just about as stupid though.

      That attitude right there, as a cop, stated in text where it can’t be misunderstood, ” I would love to pull this guy over and see if he can try his shit with me”

      Is the thing that creates people like this guy. Your job as a cop is not to settle scores or prove anything.

      I miss cops like Jack Harley who could have arrested me for piddly shit at least half a dozen times, who instead said, “Jack give me the six pack and go the fuck home tonight”. Keep in mind this is like when I was 17. A guy that walked up to me at 16 while I was holding a shotgun and said, “you got one pain in the ass neighbor up the hill there says he is concerned about you shooting skeet down here, I am gonna go explain how shotguns work to him, keep your head down on that gun and you won’t miss those fast breaking right side doubles kid”.

      I wanted nothing and I mean nothing more than to be a cop at that age. It was the discussion I mention with the state cop family friend that ended that but I was a total “back the blue” type before that was a thing, it was not a thing because it was not needed.

      I am sure you are a good guy man but in being honest with your attitude there you are hitting on why we have cops that look like soldiers, shooting dogs, killing unarmed people and beating the fuck out of old women on the side of the road MMA style. While the “good cops” who may never do it, sit quietly or defend those other officers.

      You want to stop creating people like Donnie? So do I. I think we need an Officer Harley vs. Officer Friendly campaign.

  3. Oh my God! Jack.

    Thanks for the interview. Just, oh my God!

    I’ve got so many comments, but you handled the interview, so as stated above.

    Thanks for what you do.

  4. I don’t think that guy is as tough as he thinks he is. Most people that are don’t mention how tough they are as much as this guy does. To me, he sounds like he is trying to generate credibility so he will be seen as an expert. Thanks for being a beacon of reason through some pretty asinine comments, Jack.

  5. I totally agree with that! People that throw in comments about how they “worked with special forces” always set off my bullshit detector.

    The most deadly man I have ever met is Val Riazanov. Stand 8 feet away with a gun on the guy unarmed and if he really wants you dead you are likely still dead. He is one of the softest spoken people I have ever met though.

    Even a guy like Doug Marcadia who makes his living doing fighting videos, no mouthy shit you know. And that fucking guy, just wow, deadly as shit. Still nice to everyone, no bragging, humble, decent, helpful.

    I have known some guys that are talented beyond explainable when it comes to fighting skills, none have bragged about it. The hardest thing about promoting Val for instance was he was so humble it was hard to convey to potential customers how fricken amazing he was as a fighter. The shit he did looked so effortless as to look set up. Still quiet, polite, etc.

  6. This wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, but thanks for the warning.

    This guy may not get shot, but I do see a beating in his future. And like all the other news clips we see, so many will blame the cop and so many will blame him and the week after we’ll have forgotten all about it.

    I think there are many who talk big and would like to see a revolution in the country but when it came down to it most will comply and fall into line. A revolution in this country won’t be the state against the people,  it will be neighbor against neighbor. Think about the monkeys and the fire hose parable. Too many like it the way that it is. It’s going to have to get a lot worse here before there’s enough people behind a real revolution. People like this guy that think they’re going to stand up and rebel will be stomped on by the state and their neighbors. Good luck with that. Best to stick with the rhetoric and try to change minds before raising arms.
    I think Jack has the right idea when he says take care of you and yours, build community, be situationally aware and try to not participate in the systems   bullshit as much as possible.

  7. It didn’t seem as bad as you set it up to be, just sounded like some dude talking trash after a few beers and making everyone roll their eyes. Not the first time I’ve heard someone boasting to know how to use every weapon known to man, that he’s flipping the script with every police encounter, etc. I don’t really expect this guy to use his super duper special forces maneuvers to disarm a cop during a routine traffic stop, break their teeth, and then I guess flee to Brazil to avoid a lengthy prison sentence any more than the others. Maybe he’s just hoping John McAfee is listening and will fund his project?

    • In Texas we call people that talk like this, “all hat no cattle”. Like I said he will NOT be back on TSP.

  8. Did you know Nietzsche was in an insane asylum for the remaining years of his life ?

    I listened to a little of the show out of curiosity but lost interest fairly early on. I did find the comment that military training prepares you for living under a bridge to be funny

    Swearing adds nothing to a conversation. It should be possible to express yourself adequately without swearing

    Did this individual suffer at some point in life or in the military which contributed to his attitude ? I noticed a few negative comments from those who got further into the show


  9. I liked him lol. He was wound up and i agree it may not be the best method to educate or sway but i certainly understand the anger. Not everyone has the same patience or personality. Maybe not the best fit for this show but id liaten to him again.

    • You will have to do it elsewhere. My biggest issue, the man is full of shit. Back to no one who is actually a tough guy, needs to tell anyone they are, especially when not asked about it, much less over and over.

      I agree much of what he said was factual (which is why I didn’t end the interview) but calling all cops piss boys and claiming he would by his own words, “disarm a cop and incapacitate him” is so fucking beyond stupid.

      The big thing to me is the claim “I worked with special forces”, etc, let me tell you what this means when anyone says it. I am a big ass fucking wanna be that is also a can’t be. No one “works with special forces” in the way insinuated. This usually means if not totally false by the way, I was a clerk in an SF unit, I was a supply specialist in an SF unit, I was a cook for SF soldiers, etc. In other words it means the square root of fuck all.

      For instance for a time I was detached to the 617th SOAD while in Panama, it means I fixed their trucks and hung out with cool people. It doesn’t make me an “operator” or a Night Stalker that flew covert night missions, just because the unit did. I was also detached to the 536th engineers, I learned a lot about building roads on that mission but I am not qualified to design one.

      Bullshitters are one thing, bullshitters just good enough to be taken seriously by some who may then attempt to follow a perceived example (ie disarm a cop) are dangerous.

      Not to mention the main subject, automating government, sounded interesting. After I gave this man 1 hour and 40 minutes of uninterrupted time, tell me exactly how his plan to do that would work, other than,

      “I know how to do it, but I am not a programmer so if people fund me I can make it happen, I hope to get on Joe Rogan or something to further that”. Paraphrased but accurate.