Decentralizing Meat Processing with Josh Phoenix – Epi-3110 — 8 Comments

  1. Commercial processors use a process called Controlled Atmospheric Stunning. Just wondering if this process is feasible on a homestead level.

    • If you can build a box big enough. Though it sounds like building a gas chamber; that is a lovely red flag. A large enough operation might be able to recapture the gasses. On a farmstead level (detached) garage and car exhaust for carbon monoxide build up. (Modified CO detectors (remotely powered or switched), louvered whole house fan, weather stripping, and gasoline for sub $400).

    • Most smaller processors still use closed bolt or live rounds to “stun” and then the animal is bled. I don’t personally think gassing is worth the trouble unless you’re raising small animals for the reptile feed market.

  2. If you are looking at vaccum sealers the chineese may also be worth a look. (Sometimes cheaper through walmart)

    • Was not able to get that url to work and searching vevor for 10467 got me nothing.

      That said my concern with off brand chi-com stuff when you are talking something mechanical is parts availability.

  3. I also recommend the Vacmaster 215. An additional hack you can do with it is marinating meat. If you vacuum seal your marinade in with the chunk of meat, it will have 100% contact with the meat and you can use way less marinade to cover the meat instead of trying to fill a whole bowl with marinade to get full coverage