Episode-245- Dealing With A Job Loss — 16 Comments

  1. Obama what a glory hound.I seen on tv that in the 6 months he has been in office he has already had more airtime than BUSH and CLINTON combined.Another thing about job hunting remember you may not get paid for 2-3 weeks and then it may only be a partial paycheck so in reality it may evan be a lot longer before you get a full paycheck.

  2. @Terri, sound advice and the best comment of the week thus far, thanks for your contribution and inspiration.

  3. This was a really good show. One other suggestion is to have a proactive/premptive attitude at all times when employed. Don’t get too comfortable in any job and avoid the “the company would fall apart without me” attitude. Every single one of us can be replaced regardless of how long we’ve been with the company, what line of work it is, or what our respective roles might be. Always try to learn new skills, get more training, take advantage of employers that offer reimbursement, go to conferences, etc.

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  5. I live in a small place and have been reducing and living on less for years. No cable tv and down to on 3 money bills I pay even this is tough and I could live more comfortably but being prepared and ready is my priority especially the area I am living in So Cal. The difficult part would be to add a wife in the equation. Women just seem to have so many must have expenses they will not let go such as having hair, nails, and so on they can't live without and they say it is to make them pretty for you. What are your thoughts getting a women into the survival mindset?


  6. I have a comment on the Obama/Gates/Crowley meeting. I feel meeting for a beer is a terrible idea. I think this sends a terrible message to the youngsters. It says your differences can be settled with alcohol. I also don't think the president should be publically smoking and drinking as he does. Not only does this set a bad example, what if he ties one on a little too hard one night and there is a national disaster? He can't make a good decision sober, much less drunk. Lastly, Alcohol and anger don't mix. All I can hope for is that they all get in a fight at this "beer summit"….that would be great media coverage!

    • Michael,

      It sounds to me like you just don't like people drinking a beer. If so you are entitled to that opinion but I don't think two men having a beer is a bad thing at all. If you do all I can say is you get your opinion but a place where two men can't settle a disagreement over a cold one to me ain't America and I don't want to live there.

      Again my problem was turning a private moment into a media spectacle. I can tell you from experience this works when done the right way because it makes things personal.

      I think you are an alcohol hater, again you are entitled to your opinion but I think such view points are generally based on some sort of puritanical view of how others should choose to live. In short you are not better then any man simply because he likes a cold beer. We tried prohibition in the 20s it ended up being a very bad idea.

  7. I loved the idea about "apprenticing" at a company to land a job. I had another thought about finding new work. Contact a company and tell them you'll help them from your home for free and if they think you're worth it they can hire you to work from home after a month or two.

  8. Amongst us neanderthals, a beer is often a peace offering of sorts. Planning to go a have a beer doesn't mean go get smashed. I thought it sounded like a fine idea until it turned into media mess. Properly executed, the President should have privately invited the two individuals in question to share some fine summer ale at a pub of his chosing (or the White House) and then all three should have announced the experience after the fact. Further, sharing a fine brew over discussion demonstrates a proper use of alcohol, does it not?

  9. I think sitting down for a beer is a great idea. I don't think it had much chance of success with Gates and Obama but worth a try. However, as Jack said, Obama is doing it exactly wrong.

  10. The small company I was working for went down the tubes last april. Somehow the plan I came up with was nearly identical to today's show with a few small differences. I took a part time job that paid 10 bucks an hour to get me through and to avoid a long break in my resume. I worked few enough hours to keep my unemployment valid – our family was positive cash flow the entire 2 months it took me to find a better job.

    I did end up at a better job – less stress, less responsibility, better bennies, and a 15% pay increase to boot.

    I ended up rewriting my resume for almost every job I went after. I found that writing for keywords is essential. Many big companies that receive resumes electronically use a keyword scanning program that rates your resume based on a list of keywords for that position. If they aren't in there you don't even get read by a human.

    One more bit of advice. After your job loss pick an appropriate amount of time to take a step back and really think about where you want to go in your life/career. For me it was 4 days of long walks with my dog and several 5 hour bike rides, then I was ready to go.

    Another great show – thanks!

  11. This is one of top 5 best podcasts I have heard from Jack , and I have heard them all.

  12. Another great and useful show, Jack. I was listening to it as just informational until a friend of mine told me he was about to be laid off. Now I'm passing along the podcast in hope it will inspire him on not only this topic but perhaps others, too.