Duck Chronicles Season Two – Episode 39 – Freezing Cold at Bath Time — 4 Comments

  1. Have you considered installing a sillcock? These are standard in cold climates. When the water is turned off, they drain the remainder back inside the wall to prevent frost damage. Far easier and safer than insulating the hose bib and hoping for the best. Keep warm!

  2. Maybe a silly question but here goes. A side from drinking water do domesticated ducks and geese have a biological requirement to splash around in water every day or is it just leisure for them? They do seem to enjoy it but why do they bother to do it especially in freezing weather as in video? Great video, lovely house, I could only see part of it, is it solid brick or cavity leaf wall? Is it a bungalow or 2 story?

  3. Jack,
    I heard your comment about toting buckets of water from your bathtub for your ducks if the hose bib freezes. An incandescent light bulb should be plenty of heat to keep the bib thawed if blocked from the wind. Or one of your brooder elements would be overkill but should work too. The sillcock sounds cool. But using what you have on hand to save the hassle sounds even better on the short term. You may have thought of this, but if not, that is what community if for.
    Good luck and thanks for the video.