Duck Chronicles Has Returned — 3 Comments

  1. Hey Jack.  I learned so much from you before the duck chronicles.  I skipped the chickens and went straight to ducks…  You helped me make good decisions early on and I’m 3 years into my 4 year commitment (the boys joined the Marines in 2015 and I wanted to give something my all in their honor)  In this video, you said a lot of the things I’ve learned over the years with my little flock…  I chose Indian Runners had a flock of 3 and lost them to predators…  sink or swim, right?  Ordered an all female flock from Metzer as day olds and just jumped right back in.  Got a drake from a local farmer when the girls started laying.  Learned how to incubate, and got to practice that skill.  Currently at 10 ducks, I’ve cared for 43.  I’ve imported some for biodiversity and kept one of the drakes (he’s still young, and seems to be gentle/quick enough to be a keeper).  It all boils down to raising your own food.  I already had the garden and the fruit orchard going on my 1/10th of an acre urban lot.  If the shit hits the fan, and the zombies show up… guess who’s got the livestock husbandry.  I just insist on grabbing a few ducks and the incubator as part of my bug out plan.  Thanks for what you do.

    • Awesome and inspiring stuff. Plus few things make you smile more than a line of ducks crossing your yard while having an evening beverage.

  2. Great videos! I am really looking forward to how you get some automation going!
    Also, I didn’t quite understand where the little babies were getting into to get stuck and die? I guess the point is tho to not let the have small areas to get into?