Duck Chronicles Episode Eight – The New Water System is Effing Great — 6 Comments

  1. Ok….you’ve shown the bucket, the contraption that makes it great. If it is so “effing” great, why aren’t they using it. All the video shows is a room full of sleepy ducklings and a “effing” great bucket watering system that isn’t used. Make a video of the ducklings drinking from it, content should match the “effing great” part

  2. What I like about the water drum system is that the chicks can’t dung in it. The water would need to be free from any stray grains etc as small seeds could prevent the valves from closing fully resulting in an over night leak which could drain it dry. I have saw used drums of that open top style which are transparent-ish with similar lids.

  3. I’m thinking strongly of getting a small number of ducks, 12 maximum, both for eggs and as a project. Sometimes I have to be gone away from home for a few days due to work and I don’t think I could depend on anyone at home to look after them. Just wondering if they have water tubs and were left a good feed of shattered grain, how long could the survive by themselves on a 1/2 acre with a 3 sided shed ?

  4. I tried these style drinkers for my chicks/chickens & ducks with not much luck. They didn’t use it, and it still got dirty. I put it up higher than groud level, and it still got dirty, and they still couldn’t or wouldn’t use it. Not exactly sure why. Maybe they couldn’t figure it out? Maybe they just didn’t like it? Either way, after 2 months of trying, I gave up, and gave their old water system back…..hanging bucket with nipple style drinkers……for what it’s worth.

    • Like I said we use these for quail, baby ducks, young turkey polts etc.

      For chickens I recommend chicken nipples, but DO NOT I repeat DO NOT use them with Ducks. Ducks figure stuff out fast, they will simply tap a nipple until they get what they want, mud!

      We never have issues with them getting dirty.