Episode-1187- Kerry Davis of Dark Angel Medical — 20 Comments

  1. Kerry’s D.A.R.K. kits are AWESOME! If you need to add a tactical med kit his is one of the best.

  2. I took Kerry’s class this past weekend in NC. I highly recommend attending if he comes any where near you. I drove two hours and it was well worth it. A lot of valuable info and he keeps you entertained, too.

  3. Hi Jack, thought you should check email and skype regarding Kerry’s MSB link on the benefits page. He doesn’t sound as if he has a sinister angle to anything. Great show – as usual. Thanks for everything.

  4. I am an MSB member and regular listener and I have known this ol’ boy Kerry very well for several years. I can’t possible say enough positive things about his character, knowledge, and experience. This is EXACTLY the kind of guy that we should be supporting so I am happy to see him offer a the MSB discount. I am proud to be his friend and brother. Best of luck to you KD…you the MAN!! C’AMON!!!

  5. Jack, Sorry was not clear on my question. Is the year $40 subscription coupon available. You mentioned the ‘msbaug’ to sign up. I tried to subscribe but the coupon code is not going through. Thanks.

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  7. Great show!
    As an EMT and Acupuncturist It was great to hear Kerri Davis with such a strong medical background treating his Bells Palsy with alternative medicine.

  8. If you are going to be around guns some one is going to get hurt sometime somewhere. How are you going to deal with it? This is the guy to take a course from. If not for your self then those around you. He change my way of thinking about gun shot wounds and how I have cared and prepare to care for myself and others.
    I RSO’ed one of the 3 day course when Kerry was with Magpul. I was very impressed with yourknowledge and information then as I am now.
    I am a certified NRA instructor for years and work in the medical field as well for now 35+ years. so I know when someone is good at what they do.
    FYI -I carry 2 kits one to throw when I can’t get to them, and one for myself.

  9. Thank you all so much for the kind words. It was a pleasure to get to talk with Jack. I am truly honored and humbled.
    Aaron, thanks for the phone call, brother. I’ve been missing our talks. I love and miss you, Tish and the kids. I appreciate all the support you’ve always given me.
    If anyone ever has any questions, please feel free to contact me and I’ll do my dead-level best to get back with y’all as quickly as possible.
    Stay safe.

  10. I too took Kerry’s class this past weekend in NC and it was transformational. It changes the way you look at your own and others safety. I’m glad to say I took a carbine class this weekend and did not need my IMK the entire day, but it was strapped to my belt the entire time. As you can tell from the interview, Kerry is a fantastic communicator and he keeps the class engaged and interesting which is no small feat for a two day class. Overall the class was fantastic and I am looking forward to Kerry returning and doing an advanced class for us. Another interesting fact of the class was the turnout of TSP listeners in the class. No one came out and said they were listeners, but their speech gave them away. As I see from the earlier post this was the case.

  11. Great show! I am making it a priority to take Kerry’s class when it comes to NH!
    Jack- you should get Dave Asprey, the “Bulletproof Executive” on TSP and/or you and/or Kerry appear on his show- his podcast compliments the concepts in your show but from the perspective of improving individual performance every day:
    Despite the catchy title, this episode deals with stress inoculation, the physiological stress responses and the psychology of survival.

  12. what a great interview. i’m going to have to see if i can swing the tucson class, i would love to attend.

  13. Great topic and breadth of discussion. Very relevant to us all.

    I’ve had a very recent training class from a colleague of Kerry’s that was excellent. An additional option to consider given local and timing constraints. Also, there is a very cool sounding 1st Annual “Field Medical Conference” in works for March.