David Crawford’s Lights Out Now Available in Print — 26 Comments

  1. Love It !!!!!
    Great book
    A must read
    Thanks for making this book available in the past.
    Any prepper…. every prepper should read this book.

  2. This is a book about normal people reacting and adapting to the end of the grid. The story starts out slowly and builds tempo as the plot is developed. With the exception of one fight scene, nothing is predictable. The book reaches the point where it is almost impossible to put down. If you haven’t read it yet, you won’t be disappointed!!!

  3. It’s only $20 for 600 can’t-stop-reading-pages. Buy it!
    I assume he’ll put it in ePub format when this current print run sells out. Unless of course it sell out in two weeks and he does a second run, then we’ll just have to wait.

  4. Out of all the SHTF books I’ve read, I think this one is the best, IMO. Not only is the story line well written, but how the characters in this book prepare will really make you think about your own preparations.

  5. I have to say it is a pretty good read, and I have specifically read the early parts of the book dealing with the practical issues, which while a bit idealized are a good primer for getting you thinking about survivalism.
    However, I think the book gets a bit too heavy into the adoration of Mark Turner–such that it has become a joke between my wife and I. “What would Mark Turner do?” or “Mark Turner would be so disappointed!”
    Still–pretty good book.

  6. Emailed the author months ago about getting a copy because I couldn’t find the pdf anymore. So very glad a hardcopy is now available! Ordering today!

  7. @Martin, with 5 million downloaded I am sure you can find a copy for that. I still say at this point if you liked the book, support the author and buy a copy.

    Kindle users if you have the pdf you can email it to your kindle, but again, support the author. David is a great guy and a good friend to the movement.

  8. Excellent book. I’ll be ordering a copy to replace my well worn printout of the earlier PDF version.

  9. I’ve ordered a copy from Amazon today.

    I’m probably one of the few folks here that hasn’t read the story…so I anxiously await it’s arrival.

    I still hope that an audio book will come down the pike.

    Thanks for promoting David’s work Jack.

  10. further, if you have a .pdf – it can be converted to epub very easily.

    i use a free program called “Calibre” to do that.

  11. I burned a copy of the story before it was removed from the site. (I think I may have read it about 5 times.)

    But, I have been waiting for a hard copy “forever”!
    (Reading it online is great, but I can’t very well take it to work with me. And returning to the correct chapter wasn’t a quick process.

    I can hardly wait to receive the book!

  12. I received my copy yesterday. (12/16)(Boy, that was quick!)
    I LOVE IT!!!

    The best things is – I’m temporarily unemployed (Christmas break), so I’ll have plenty of time to read it. ;^) (We return to work on Jan. 3)

    Thank you David Crawford for finally moving to a hard copy version. (I’ve been praying for it.)

    And thank you, Jack for the heads up on it.

  13. How can I get this book without using a credit card?
    I don’t use them any more. I do use PayPal, but Amazon doesn’t take it.