Dates Announced for this Fall’s TSP Workshop Oct. 26-30 — 10 Comments

    • Same as always Wednesday arrival day, set up, hang out, eat some brats. Workshop is Thursday, Friday, Saturday, people are welcome and even encouraged to sleep over till Sunday, then GO HOME Sunday morning. Well you don’t have to go home but if you are not off property by 11AM Sunday you get gently evicted and I and Dorothy take a very long nap!

  1. Can’t wait to sign up! Nothing better than being surrounded by other TSPers in this world of insanity!
    Plus we recently walked to freedom from CT to TX and need ideas to inspire us at our west Texas ranch!
    Jack, will you be contacting that local hotel and making a deal for us “tea cup” campers? (I know I still have West Virginia mud imbedded in my tent from our trip to Elijah’s Spring/Permaethos =p). Although it would be nice not to drive after some mead tasting…

    • oh you are Teresa are in again as always I am sure Dorothy will be in touch.

  2. Damn it Jack…..That’s Hunting season! :(. I’m finally going up to Idaho for Elk.
    Hope to join on the next one. Keep up the great work.