Episode-1754- Danial Lawton on Hand Tools for Land Management — 14 Comments

  1. The coupon code doesn’t exists 🙁
    I can’t wait to get a few of these tools, I’ve been wanting a sithe or a sickle for a while now. Great episode, even with the few technical difficulties.

    • Hey on the site see where it says any problems or questions to email Danial? Why not try that option.

      • Danial, Did you got the Making tools Video recorded?

        I remember you had a crowd founding..

        Will be Awesome to learn how to..

        Any Information about it will be great.


        • Hi Dave

          No i never got it off the ground.

          But i will be looking at it into the future.
          The costs of production have come right down now.

          Thank you for your interest.


        • Danial, Thanks for the reply.

          Do you recommend any book or DVD that We can use to start into making our own tools.



        • Hi Dave

          No i can not think of any.
          I learnt by practice and trial and error.
          I would say youtube there would be plenty of youtube clips on this stuff.

          I have done some basic courses on this but hope to offer more full courses on it in the distant future.

          Thank you


    • Hello!
      My name is Aundrea Dugas. I’m the franchise owner of Permaculture Tools USA.

      I have fixed the issue. The coupon code should work now.

      Happy gardening!!

  2. Great interview. I’ve not had a chance to finish it, but I’m glad to see another Lawton adding to the family legacy. Hoping to have a chance to finish this afternoon.

  3. Re: Plant of the day: Navajo Thornless Blackberry.

    I can confirm they grow and fruit in Zone 4. They may not be warrantied outside of the stated range, but I’m growing them just fine in much colder conditions. I would however recommend trellising for that cultivar. It doesn’t get quite as big as others, but canes easily exceed 8′ in length. To avoid trellising, it requires some pruning, which has minimal impact on fruit production if done in the late fall, and again in early spring.

    If you’re on the fence about blackberries in northern climates, this one should work well for you. Mine flowers in early July, with fruit through to late August.

    • I’ve found thornless blackberries make great rabbit food. For wild rabbits. Heck, some particularly hard winters, even the thorny varieties were nibbled down to the level of the snow.

      • Sounds like an opportunity to learn trapping and wild rabbit recipes and turn the problem into solution.

  4. You guys mentioned a froe at one point. Danial said he got a custom order on it. Just for any on listening this is a long splitting blade fastened at a 90 degree angle from the handle. Used mostly for splitting logs along the grain for hewing timber the traditional way. Just incase anyone was interested!