Episode-2873- The Everything Shortage and the Danger of “Recovery” — 6 Comments

  1. Great episode Jack…I agree with what you said. I had wondered about this “fuel shortage” that seemed too good to be true.
    we have steadily purchased more food, purchased more supplies, equipment and started growing food, making relationships with local farms and growers….and getting healthier. I have seen an uptick of students at Food Storage Feast….I think people are very worried. Keep it up…glad your vaca was good!!

  2. Thanks for the great content and insights in the past two episodes.

    “Just Jack” shows are among my favorites.

  3. Hi Jack,

    So how is the real estate market going to crash with all the inflation going on?

    Seems like there is a tug of war coming in the real estate market with money printing wanting to drive prices higher but rising interest rates wanting to bring prices down.

    Thank you!

  4. Hey Jack, you should go on vacation more often. This was great thinking. You assemble the bits of information we have and paint a picture with them that makes suddenly sense. And I had a chill running down my spine because I could see now the big picture of this. Maybe you don’t really care but thanks to you, I am now in a nice home with garden in the countryside of France, surrounded by organic farmers, at the seaside and having an IT job which I can do from home. I am selling now my real estate to get rid of debt and before the price collapse. Anyway, you are my hero Jack. One time I had doubts and I sold my ARRR which I had bought 19 cent.that I regret now every day ! Please do continue the podcasts in the future if not daily but at least once a week

  5. Thanks for mentioning the FSP. We moved here 5 or 6 years ago and are building a farm as our main political activism. The people here are pretty exceptional and there is a minimum of riff-raff due to the snow. The governor sucks, the cops in small towns are pretty mellow and some of my neighbors shoot guns on Saturday afternoons.
    I am appealing to liberty minded folks to move here. We need more strong men and more families.
    We live in Madison, so please move up here and become my neighbor!
    ps if snow and ice bother you, do not come here.