Episode-1220- Dan Haight on the Dystopian Novel Flotilla — 4 Comments

  1. Finally listened to this and sounds pretty cool. Btw Iron Mountain sounds like my neck in the woods 🙂

    Not understanding why 20 dislikes tho but will read it when it comes out……

  2. Good show. I liked the sound of the book. May keep an eye out.
    Also, Jack, did you install these (dis)like buttons or are they just one of WordPress’s latest automatic updates? Just curious.

  3. I may wind up sending a separate “comment to Jack” email on this but I want to strongly recommend Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam trilogy. It’s not just dystopian fiction – it’s literature. The first book in the series is titled Oryx & Crake.

    I won’t get into the plot except to say that it takes many of the themes Jack talks about (fascism, gmos, class warfare, survivalism) and explores them and the characters reactions to them deeply.

    I was moderately surprised by several pro gun sentiments like the following:
    (this character is wondering how dangerous some opponents might be)

    …who might have a knife. Unlikely a handgun any more because it was around that time that the CorpSeCorps was confiscating those, having raised the spurious banner of civic safety and thus effectively securing a monopoly for themselves on killing at a distance. Some guys hid their Glocks and other name brands, dug them in under stones in case of dire need, but for the same reason they were unlikely to be carrying.

    Why was I surprised? I just wasn’t expecting that from a highly intellectual, “liberal,” Canadian woman. Then again, people don’t expect it from me, an intellectual, “liberal,” American woman!