Decentralized, Distributed, and Disruptive Tech Summit (D3) – Resources — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Jack,

    Great Info! Presentation and Education!
    Keep it Going! and Keep ’em Coming!



  2. Hi Jack,

    I enjoyed your D3 presentation, really empowering.

    Given the WEF are already table topping a “Cyber pandemic” (see cyber polygon), govs are preparing their own private ledger DCs for rollout by mid century, I think it’s easy to forsee scenareos they can use to get everyone to accept their legal tender fiat DCs via Universal Basic Income as a ‘solution’ to a cyber pandemic induced global financial system collapse, possibly accompanied by loss of utilities for a short time to really induce panic in populations.

    The UK’s fiat DC is touted as being called “Stablecoin” which to me indicates the globalists plan to destablize the crypto markets, and control them by legislating the exchanges can no longer exchange .alt crypto into legal tender.

    Given we will have to pay for utilities, property tax etc. in legal tender, how can you be “over it” when it comes to worrying about this?

    I must be missing something! Can you please direct me to some further resources that would help see a clearer picture of how the globalists can be prevented from controlling anon crypto with globally co-ordinated legislation to prevent exchange into legal tender?

    • I can tell that the state your are in, nothing I can say is going to matter right now.