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  1. Nearly the very first day I heard about Covid I feared intensely that it was a bio weapon. Alex Jones has been talking about this for years and I witnessed numerous occurrences of contaminated vaccines and strange sounding talk about the next pandemic coming from Mexico or someplace because some people had the flu. All this stuff is clearly planned out and on purpose.

    I have suspicions that the Spanish flu was something different and I even started to think that way before Covid even happened because I saw things that pointed in that direction like it all started on military bases and the numbers just seemed like someone decided to claim this is the number without any clear breakdown. I had purchased an audio book on the Spanish flu a few years before Covid and did some online research. I even have some doubts about the plague but I am less certain about that.

    I remember how AIDs was supper hyped in the 80s as well and the fear mongering on that did get to me because I didn’t realize what they do back in those days but looking back it’s infuriating how they played that one. I never started to really question things until after 9/11

    That economic advisor seems like he didn’t really want to answer the question or give away the obvious so he was trying to deflect or give some plausible explanation that sounded reasonable . He apparently wasn’t prepared to answer the question because no one ever asked him that question and maybe he doesn’t even care anyway .

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