Crypto Gulch is Open for the First 20 Customers — 8 Comments

  1. I’m afraid it isn’t 🙁 Site is down.

    People now will be refreshing even more frantically. Jack you need to come up with another strategy. Seriously upgrade the website to handle superspike of request for 10 minutes, increase number of customers, select randomly from your list or something else.

  2. I think you broke the internet with this launch. I was first in line, sleeping in a tent:) Do permaethos founders /MSB get first dibs. I guess their is a lot of demand.

  3. “At this rate the launch cannot happen at noon. You’ve broken the web site over an hour before the actual launch time. I cannot login to add/edit products.”

    From the Facebook page. In case someone checks here first.

  4. We canceled the launch because of the website issues.

    Instead, we’re taking a lottery. Just enter your info at . Tomorrow we’ll pick 20 names at random to be the first 20 customers.

    It’s the fairest solution I could come up with that gives everyone a chance. It also doesn’t crush the website 😉