Create an “If I Wanted to Save America” Video — 9 Comments

  1. That was a fantastic ending to your Friday April 28 show. Focusing on solutions are very important, we just rely on negatives to much.

  2. Hey Jack, This is a great idea.
    As I was listening to your response I was thinking about all the things that I would want to do, were I king for a day, and realized I’d have to be king for at least a few months.

    But This is a great idea. Thanks…

    • @Todd S. Dayton, MT, check out the appearances page for details.

    • @Mike I don’t understand? The audio is to be my close from that show, so, um, what audio would you use otherwise?

    • I was just wondering if everyone was using the same audio clip for their videos or if individuals could assert their own opinions as well.

      • @Mike that would be fine, I would suggest before or after my part but if you come up with something else go for it, I would just ask that you use it all, not just parts of it.

  3. This sounds interesting but I have yet to learn video stuff, but I can ‘write,’ which I hope you will consider a valid entry.
    “If I Wanted to Save America” I would want to be King (just like Alexander Hamilton did) for ‘x’ amount of months. I would :
    1) arrest all members and family of the the 12 private federal Reserve Banks – the indictment would say High Treason, and all foreign Owners of said banks
    2) arrest the US supreme court; members of CONgress, and quack defense industry CEO’s ‘profiting’ off our misery;
    3) County sheriff’s would be given copies of “Anderson On Sherrifs” and told to exercise their full authority;
    4) Any and all attornies (even ACLU) that were anti Bill of Rights would be arrested/indicted;
    The States of the Union would be free of falsely imposed and ‘assumed’ extensions of federal jurisdiction; FBI, Secret Service and others would be indicted and arrested for aiding and abetting
    ***Get the picture? All enemies of our founding principles, enemies of the US or State Constitutions would be arrested, tried, and if convicted – executed.

    All State Constitutions would revert back to their original intent, pre- Civil War. In other words, all Reconstruction wording and forced loyalty to the federal government would be purged.

    The US Mint would again make Lawful Money, not legal tender. One dollar was then and is now ‘only’ ” 412 grains of Standard silver, or 371 grains of Fine silver.” Gold was secondary as money.

    The b-s United Nations would be booted ‘out’ of this country and told to ‘fund’ itself. All treaties not friendly to the US or States of the Union would be nullified.
    The gazillions of words and pages in the esoteric US Code would be voided as necessary.
    Noting that there is ‘no’ right to vote we would again have Poll Tax (Art 1, Sec 2, Clause 3 ) aka Head Tax, apportioned by population. People with land, businesses or money would vote, and those in office held one term and would be out, no future terms.
    I could go on but all this is a return to limited, restricted, and sound government.
    De Oppresso Liber